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Our 2022 Gift Guide

Stefan Loble

Thinking about gift giving, I realized some of the best presents I’ve received are ones that became a part of my daily routine. They’re special because I think about the person who gave them to me everyday.

As much as men and women love how Bluffworks’ apparel makes their lives comfortable and easy, deciding what to give someone can still be difficult. 

That’s why this year, we assembled a guide full of gift-ready collections that outfit your loved one for the scenarios of their lives.

Seize The Moment With Ease

You’ve probably watched someone you love get ready for an important business trip or a big meeting at work. You've seen them stressed, not by the challenge they’re taking on, but instead, by their clothes. 

This is the gift that combats that feeling. Customers flock to our chinos and ponte pants to make their lives comfortable and easy. Throw in shirts that can last multiple wears, and you’re giving your loved ones a gift with superpowers so they can take on whatever the day has ahead. 

They might just wear them every day. Now, that’s a gift.

Holiday themed laydown view of Ascender Chinos, Threshold T-Shirt, Meridian Dress Shirt, and Como Hoodie.


  1. Ascender chinos - Our most popular pants with hidden security pockets and a natural hand feel. $125, $93.
  2. Threshold t-shirt - The hero of our odor resistant t-shirt line, this is a staple that performs both casually and in the gym. $52, $44.
  3. Meridian dress shirt - With this wrinkle-resistant shirt he can pull out of a suitcase and go, it’s the gift that will keep giving.  $98, $73.
  4. Como hoodie - A grown-up’s hoodie made from a soft and beautiful fabric he’ll love to wear, with hidden pockets to carry his things.  $128, $108.

Women's holiday product shot showing Ponte Pants, Como Cardigan, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and Threshold Scarf


  1. Petaluma ponte pants - The legging our customers say feels the best and never sags, with a unique phone pocket she’ll love. $88, $66. 
  2. Como cardigan - Made from a touch of wool that is beautiful but doesn’t itch, this is a cardigan style blazer that goes in the washing machine. Hidden pockets too. $140, $119. 
  3. Threshold long-sleeve t-shirt - Made from our cool and comfortable anti-odor fabric that layers with ease. $58, $49. 
  4. Threshold scarf - Her secret stash in a scarf that looks great but has a small pocket for essentials. $78, $66.

Great for

  • Getting out the door in the morning.
  • Comfortable commutes, even on a bike.
  • Traveling with only carry-on.  

Dress The Part Without Going To The Dark Side

There's this thing that happens when we put on a garment that doesn’t feel like us. You’ve seen your loved ones complain, “I have to buy a suit that I’ll hate for just one occasion?” Our blazers and dresses are different and make you feel alive, not tied down.

Give them an outfit that lifts them up, whatever the situation may bring.

Men's holiday laydown image showing blue Gramercy Blazer, Ascender 5 pocket pant and Lenox Dress Shirt


  1. Lenox dress shirt - Our moisture wicking, machine washable staple that always looks great. $98, $83. 
  2. Gramercy blazer - The blazer loved by guys who usually hate blazers. Machine washable with pockets galore, it's comfortable in all seasons. $340, $255. 
  3. Ascender 5-pocket pant - Our most loved Ascender fabric in a jean cut pant. When paired with a blazer - or even just a t-shirt - it always looks good. $125, $93.

Women's holiday outfit laydown showing the Threshold t-shirt dress, and black scarf.


  1. Threshold dress - We took the same fabric women love on our t-shirts and made it into a versatile dress ready to go everywhere, with pockets too. $78, $58. 
  2. Threshold scarf - Ready to dress up an outfit, while carrying something small in its hidden pocket. Lots of colors means lots of options too. $78, $66.

Best for 

  • Big meetings, straight off a plane.
  • Helping them fit in a European capital.
  • Comfortably dressed, but ready to wow.

Comfort Everywhere

Active lives call for technical fabrics to provide stretch and combat sweat and odor. But, no one wants to look like they’re wearing activewear at the wrong time. That’s why we make highly functional knits that perform while looking the part.

Choose from our best selling Threshold t-shirt fabric, available in everything from dresses to hoodies. Or, our cozy Como line for a men’s top or women’s cardigan blazer. 

No dry cleaning, no pilling, all softness and hidden pockets mean your loved one will be thrilled.

Men's holiday laydown with Threshold long-sleeve tee, Threshold hoodie, Como quarter zip pullover and Como hoodie.


  1. Threshold long-sleeve tee - Our tried and true t-shirt fabric, ready for the colder months. $58, $49. 
  2. Threshold hoodie - A unique lightweight hoodie built for layering with style. $88, $74. 
  3. Como quarter zip pullover and hoodie - Our luxury performance fabric with a touch of wool that doesn't itch and goes in the wash. Hidden pockets too. $128, $108 for the quarter zip and $128, $108 for the hoodie.
Women's laydown showing Threshold scarf, long sleeve tee, and knit cardigan.


  1. Threshold long-sleeve tee - Soft, moisture wicking and odor resistant, the ideal layering piece available in six colors. $58, $49. 
  2. Threshold scarf - The perfect antidote to a cold airplane, and it has a hidden pocket to keep your earbuds close at hand. $78, $66. 
  3. Threshold knit cardigan - The combination of our soft, comfortable fabric with pockets resulted in an easy outfitting piece she can wear everywhere. $88, $74.  

Best for

  • Dressing comfortably, but looking great.
  • Managing sweat and odor when temperatures change.
  • Owning staples that mix and match with anything.

Give Us The Pockets We Deserve 

We’ve only suffered 100,000 years of women wearing garments with insufficient pockets. Give her a revolution - a comfortable outfit she can dress up or down and still carry her things - with no dry cleaning required. 

It seems revolutionary, until you realize we’ve been doing this for men for years. There is a whole host of guys who only wear our pants due to the pockets. Invite your loved one into a tribe of people who discovered an easy place to carry their phone, and a freer, more hands-free lifestyle.

Men's holiday laydown shots with Ascender chino, Gramercy blazer and Como hoodie.


  1. Ascender chino - With Ascender fabric in a classic chino style, it’s no wonder this is  our best selling pant. Amazing fabric with pockets guys can't live without.  $125, $93. 
  2. Gramercy blazer - Looks like wool, wears like iron. A blazer that he can outfit many different ways, with  pockets for everything.  $340, $255. 
  3. Como hoodie - Applying our luxurious Como fabric to a hoodie means you can gift it to someone who hasn’t worn a hoodie in years. Hidden pockets too. $128, $108.

Women's holiday laydown featuring the Threshold tie waist dress and Como cardigan blazer.


  1. Threshold tie waist t-shirt dress - A versatile base palette she can dress up or down in so many ways, and always feels great on. Comes with pockets, in our much loved t-shirt fabric.  $78, $58. 
  2. Como cardigan blazer - Our luxurious Como fabric in a machine washable blazer is the kind of piece someone may end up being thankful for years down the road. Full of pockets no one sees.  $140, $119.

Best for

  • Visiting far off lands, with valuables well-stored.
  • Staying organized.
  • Leaving a purse at home.

For The Well Equipped Bluffworks Fan

What to do for a dedicated Bluffworks fan who already owns most of the line? There’s an easy answer: more Thresholds!

Our bestselling knit fabric does it all, going from the gym to a chic cafe, without sweat or odor. And, because we added so many styles in Threshold this fall, your loved one probably doesn’t have them all.

Men's threshold assortment including hoodie, knit polo, and t-shirts.


  1. Threshold hoodie - Our favorite way to get the benefits of wearing more Threshold, but in a different style.  $88, $74. 
  2. Threshold knit polo - Our polo style elevates his style options, and has a hidden pocket too.  $68, $51. 
  3. Threshold t-shirts - The product that started the entire Threshold line, you can’t go wrong with giving one. $52, $44.

Women's holiday assortment of Threshold scarf, knit cardigan, and t-shirts.


  1. Threshold scarf - If she loves our Threshold, she’ll love the scarf. The hidden pocket is a bonus.  $78, $66. 
  2. Threshold t-shirts - No one who has one will be disappointed to receive more.  $58, $49.
  3. Threshold knit cardigan - One of the most versatile, wearable gifts you could give her.  $88, $74. 

Best for:

  • Delighting someone who has everything.

Whatever you choose, you can give with confidence as our team is always here to help with styling advice, or whatever your loved one needs to make it right.

If you get stuck, send us an email at and we’d be happy to help.

Happy holidays to you and yours,

Stefan and the Bluffworks team

Stefan Loble


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