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Bluffworks started in 2012 with a passion to make the perfect pair of pants. Through testing and rigorous R&D we developed tough products that solve problems. Our roots as a company have always been in travel, so we made apparel that would allow you to experiencing the wonders of the world.

Though it is certainly a challenging time for all of that, we realized something: though our passion has always revolved around travel, we were making better products, period – that solve a lot of other problems too.

Our core commitment has always been to make versatile, durable clothes so you can look good, feel good, and focus on what matters to you most. It doesn’t matter if the adventure you’re on is near or far, in front of a screen or in front of the boardroom. Bluffworks was built to empower all your journeys – whoever you are, wherever you’re at.

Our not-so-basics give you the comfort, ease, and versatility you want – for work or for play, at home and beyond. We always make clothes that are easy-to-wear and easier to care for, thanks to technical materials that look good, feel good, and do even more.

  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Machine Washable

Design matters - because sometimes looks can be deceiving in a good way.

You’d never guess what our garments are hiding at first glance, and we’re relentlessly detail-oriented to ensure our garments deliver the best experience possible. We believe that it’s really not too much to ask for pockets that carry our phones, and keep our valuables secure. And that women should have functioning pockets just as much as men do.

May your wardrobe be comfortable and easy, always

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Once upon a time, while grinding away at my 9-5 software job, I began dreaming of work that aligned with what I love to do.

Adventure has always been #1 for me. From epic feats like sailing across the Atlantic — or spending weeks in a jungle alone — to 10 miles of NYC scooter madness with my son; these moments make me feel the most alive.

It was the experience of living in Vietnam with my wife that set Bluffworks in motion. Upon our return to the USA, I became passionate about the idea of a superior wardrobe, as functional as my travel clothes, but looked good enough to wear in NYC.

In 2012, Bluffworks was born out of a desire to make a better pair of pants. Now, we offer a lot more than pants. But my goal with this company remains the same: make amazing products that power my hero’s journey… and yours.

Bluff on,

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Follow my journey, near and far.

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