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Built For Life’s
Every Adventure

Designed to live at the intersection of adventure and life, Bluffworks melds technical performance with office ready looks. Our gear uses quick drying, breathable and wrinkle resistant materials with innovative features to create products that you can wear every day, whether you’re climbing mountains or the corporate ladder. Our comfort, style and durability are built to last, so you can focus on the road ahead.

+ Wrinkle Resistant
We use only materials that simply refuse to wrinkle
+ Breathable
All of our gear is lightweight and highly breathable
+ Moisture Wicking
Quick drying materials mean you won’t stay wet long
+ Hidden Pockets
Hidden zippered security pockets keep your valuables safe and secure
+ Hold The Phone
Discreet side pocket storage fits most smartphones or your passport
+ Dry Clean, Very Optional
Everything we make can go in the wash

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I am not a fashionista

In fact, I was an econ major working for a software company when I came up with Bluffworks. While I spent my 9-5 pushing papers, I made the absolute most out of my two weeks of vacation every year. Whether it was sailing across the Atlantic, or hitchhiking in Egypt, I repeatedly bounced from the daily grind to adventure and back again, and wanted clothing that could keep pace and look good no matter what. This was the challenge, and thanks to some incredible supporters on Kickstarter and two years of intense R&D, I found my answer…Bluffworks. I hope that when you set sail on whatever course inspires you, that Bluffworks is along for the ride.




Stefan Loble, Founder
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Notify me when this size is back in stock.