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How to Pair a Blazer with Denim

Stefan Loble

A blazer with jeans has become a modern look for both travel and the office. So, in light of the overwhelming response to our recent relaunch of the Departure Jeans 3.0, we thought it best to share some of our quick tips on how to create a blazer and jeans outfit that levels up any occasion.

Some Basics

Pairing your blazer with denim doesn’t have to be complicated and these general guidelines help make the process seamless and easy.

1. Choose Texture

When picking the right blazer to wear with jeans you’ll want to pay attention to the fabric.  Does it have a textured look, or is it flat with a sheen? While some suit jackets are made to be formal, a more casual look can be achieved with a sport coat that has a texture or pattern - like our Hopsack or Gramercy - that will complement a twill denim.  Simply put, nothing too formal like a tuxedo blazer when styling your sport coat and jeans.

Don't formal, do texture

2. Ditch the Rips

Denim comes in a variety of washes, treatments, and colors all with their own personality.  The trick to pairing them a not-so-casual top is to meet in the middle.  While the best blazers for pairing are textured or patterned, the jeans should be solid with minimal fading or wear and tear (i.e. more formal).

Don't faded colors and distress, Do solid colors.

    3. Consider Color

    The most tricky part of getting dressed might be color coordination.  When it comes to a men’s sport coat with jeans, we try to keep it simple.  

    • The darker the denim, the dressier the look will be.

    • Almost any indigo wash looks great with black, grey, and brown blazers.

    • For a casual day or vacation look, you can contrast a light colored men's blazer with jeans that are dark (and visa versa!)

    • When in doubt, go monochromatic.

     Tonal, Monochrome, Contrast, Color Coordinate Blazer and Denim

    Now that you've got the basics, here are some of our favorite looks matched back to our favorite settings.

    Casual Fridays

    If the office is your destination, a dark blazer and jeans with a casual sport shirt should do the trick.

    Business Casual

    Dark Jeans, Dark Blazer, Business Casual

    Shop the look:

    Gramercy Blazer - Gotham Grey

    Departure Jeans 3.0 - Medium Blue Wash

    Lenox Dress Shirt - Powder Blue

    The Surprise Outing

    For a last minute dinner invite, pull a textured travel blazer out of your bag to level up your weekend denim.

    Surprise Meeting

    Shop the look:

    Gramercy Blazer - Gotham Grey

    Departure Jeans 3.0 - Medium Blue Wash

    Threshold Knit Polo - Olive Green

    When Out-of-Office is ON.

    While doing something exciting - like setting sail on a European cruise, or securing that hard to get reservation in Cote d'Azur - a lightweight blazer with contrasting denim will look both elegant and easy.

    Vacation in a Hopsack and light colored 5 pocket denim.

    Vacation looks, casual blazer over a t-shirt, paired with jeans or 5-pocket

    Shop the look:

    Hopsack Blazer - Sandstone

    Departure Jeans 3.0 - Medium Blue Wash

    Threshold Crew Neck T-Shirt - Peak White

    Lenox Dress Shirt - Pure White

    Wearing a blazer with jeans can feel powerful - especially when each piece is both comfortable and easy to care for.  Experimenting with different shirts, shoes, and unique accessories will also celebrate your individual style. 

    Bluff on,


    Stefan Loble


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