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Performance Suits

Finally: a wrinkle free performance suit you can wear anywhere. Comfortable and stylish, we think it's the best washable suit you can own.

Essentials you didn't know existed.

In a world where every day is casual Friday, how does one stand out from the crowd? Sharp, stylish, and above all, versatile, our wrinkle resistant performance suits are just the thing. Made from lightweight, washable, technical fabrics, our Gramercy & Presidio suits are actually easy care – with soft, stretchy, comfortable fabrics that look just like wool. And, since they’re suit separates, you can pick up a blazer and matching suit pants for a full suit that will have you looking (and feeling) like a million bucks.

  • Wrinkle Free
  • Machine Washable
  • Moisture-wicking

The Gramercy Suit: From Couch to Conference Call

The suit that started it all: our Gramercy suit combines classic looks and technical performance into one easy-to-wear (and easy care) package. Our fans say the fabric is incredible – buttery soft, with just the right amount of stretch – and with anti-odor, anti-wrinkle features built right into the fabric, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles, or irons. Or dry cleaning. Or smells. 

An ultra comfortable suit you won’t want to take it off – one that’s washable, lightweight, and easy to wear just about anywhere, in any season. Toss it in the wash, and get back to life – at home, at the office, or wherever your adventures may take you.

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The Presidio Suit: Roll out the Red Carpet

Sharp, structured, with a slim, modern profile, our Presidio suit is your go-to for weddings, work events, or Oscar acceptance speeches. With its soft, breathable fabric that drapes like a tropical wool, but is even more lightweight & comfortable, you won’t be left to sweat it out, even under the bright lights, or in hot climates.

Thanks to all its technical capabilities, this versatile suit is wrinkle resistant and machine washable – really, we mean it. And with a coordinating blazer and dress pants, these suit separates can be worn on their own, or mix and match – and rock a killer suit with the potential to get you mistaken for an international super spy.

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“Seriously, a work of art in engineering and design.”

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Notify me when this size is back in stock.