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Travel Blazer

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Travel Blazer

The result of three years of development.
Meet the machine washable, wrinkle-free blazer that looks and feels like wool.

Our dream blazer – now 30% off

This is a blazer you can shove in a bag, knowing it will come out looking great every time. Something that stays cool, even when the temperature rises.  Toss it in the wash, and get back on the road, with no wrinkles. 

This is a blazer you can wear nonstop, with lots of pockets and travel security features to safely carry your things.  Our anti-pickpocket features make it easy to carry your stuff and hide valuables. All in a technical package that looks and feels like wool.

  • Wrinkle-Free
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Machine Washable

The Gramercy Blazer

Now $206.50
  • Soft, wrinkle-free material

  • Cool, light and breathable

  • 100% stretch polyester

  • Travel security with 10 pockets

  • Looks like wool

  • Machine washable

  • Available in three colors and two fits


“The first technical blazer we’ve seen that doesn’t sacrifice texture for performance.”


Why did I build the blazer?

Hey, this is Stefan.

I was tired of hot, heavy, uninspired blazers that cost an arm and a leg to dry clean. And that I couldn't keep looking good and without wrinkles, no matter what I did. I wanted a blazer I didn’t have to baby. That didn’t necessitate carrying an additional piece of luggage! I’m all about backpacks, not garment bags. I needed a blazer made for my life.

And, I wear the Gramercy all the time and I never worry about damaging the blazer, or that it won’t look good when I reach my destination. It’s the one blazer you and I will ever need. I can’t wait to see what you do in it.


The Ultimate Travel Blazer

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Notify me when this size is back in stock.