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The only
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After three years of development, we are finally ready to present to you our best product yet - a machine washable, wrinkle-free blazer that looks and feels like wool.

This is a blazer you can shove in a bag, knowing it will come out looking great every time. Something that stays cool, even when the temperature rises.  

A blazer you can wear nonstop, with lots of pockets and travel security features to safely carry your things.  

All in a technical package that looks and feels like wool.

Retail: $295
This is the blazer you can shove in a bag, and still comes out looking great.
A piece that stays cool, even when the temperature rises.
A blazer you can wear nonstop, at home or on the go.
Anti-pickpocket features make it easy to carry your stuff and hide valuables.
“The first technical blazer we’ve seen that doesn’t sacrifice texture for performance.”
Toss it in the wash, and get back on the road, with no wrinkles.

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Why I built the blazer

Hey this is Stefan. I was tired of hot, heavy, uninspired blazers that cost an arm and a leg to dry clean. And that I couldn't keep looking good and without wrinkles, no matter what I did.

I wanted a blazer I didn’t have to baby. That didn’t necessitate carrying an additional piece of luggage! I’m all about backpacks, not garment bags.

I wanted something that wasn’t so old school, that felt like it was made for me and my active life, instead of feeling like it was out to clip my wings and strap me down for some stuffy formal occasion.

I wanted a blazer I could wear nonstop, and that would keep me warm on the plane, looking good in the office, styled on the street, and appropriate for a nice restaurant or museum.

Lastly, it needed to be equipped with the features — like pockets that close securely — to be ready for wherever I went in it.

I needed a blazer made for my life.

I wear mine all the time… On my bike, under my seat belt in an airline seat, squashed in a hot subway car. And I never worry about damaging the blazer, or that it won’t look good when I reach my destination.

This is exactly what I wanted to create. It’s the one blazer you and I will ever need.

I can’t wait to see what you do in it.

Stefan Loble, Founder
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Notify me when this size is back in stock.