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Comparing our Men's Blazers

Stefan Loble

Our Gramercy Blazer was a game-changer for Bluffworks — first because it raised over $342K on Kickstarter at a critical moment for the company, and also as an incredible addition to my wardrobe (and thousands of our guys’). 

The Gramercy is great fabric to replace wool, but I also wanted a linen-like blazer that wouldn’t always be hopelessly wrinkled. And I needed a formal suit that l wouldn’t make me overheat. There’s always something I want to innovate on — frustration drives our product development. 

So this Spring, we released two new men’s blazers (plus our women’s Trevi Blazer). And, understandably, if you’re familiar with the Gramercy Blazer, you’ve been wondering how the three men’s jackets compare with each other.

In this post, we’ll look at the fabrics, designs, and pockets of our three men’s blazers: the Gramercy, Presidio, and the Hopsack.

The Fabrics

Blazer swatches


We name our products after the fabric used, so that’s why the Gramercy Blazer and the Gramercy Pants share the same name as suit separates. Similarly, our Presidio fabric also comes in coordinating formal attire blazer and pants. The Hopsack Blazer was designed as a sport coat and a standalone separate.

When we’re developing a new product, fabric is critical. Here’s what all three have in common: they’re machine washable and wrinkle resistant. Because no one wants to hassle with dry cleaning (or pay for it), and wrinkles rarely improve an outfit.

Gramercy came first because a wool replacement for an everyday casual blazer was a pressing need. It took us three years to iron out the details (and collect all of our best wrinkle puns). Then, we were on the hunt for something better than linen, and then, a formal option. Take a look below at how the three compare: 





 Business casual


 Smart casual


 Soft, wool-like

 Drapes like   tropical wool

 Linen-like   open weave

 Body lining



 Partial Lining

 Sleeve lining





 Cool / year       round

 Year round

 Warm weather

 Product weight



 Ultra lightweight

 Fabric weight

 5.99 oz per yard

 5.90 oz per yard

 5.00 oz per yard

The Designs

3 Blazer comparisons

Model shown wearing the Gramercy Suit in Blue Hour, the Presidio Suit in Thunder Grey, and the Hopsack Blazer in Sandstone. 


Design approach follows fabric. The Gramercy is a business blazer, with a double vent and perforated back lining. 

The formal Presidio was designed as a tailored suit, with a felt collar for a smooth fit at the neck, a single vent, and is fully lined in support of a refined fit. (It’s still comfortable in warm weather, thanks to the highly breathable fabric.)

Once we had the better-than-linen Hopsack fabric, we made it into an unstructured blazer with a partial lining. The sleeve is slightly curved for a more traditional style than a straight sleeve, and it features a single vent in the back.

All three blazers are available in the same options for ordering:


  • Fits: Classic and Slim 
  • Chest sizes: 36-48
  • Lengths: Short, Regular, and Long


Note: the Short is 1.5” (3.8 cm) shorter in the arms and body than the Regular Length, and the Long is 1.5” (3.8 cm) longer in the arms and body. More info and illustrations available in our Fit Guide.

The Pockets

Blazer laydowns


Pockets are a priority in all our products, both for easy everyday carry as well as travel security when we’re on the road. They’re integrated with the overall design of the product to ensure a comfortable fit and always look good.

We approached the pocketing in each blazer based on what was appropriate for the style as well as seamlessly fit within the design. 

All the blazers have 3 exterior pockets — a classic welt pocket on the left chest, and two hip pockets, though the design varies a bit. (Gramercy and Presidio have flap pockets whereas the Hopsack has open stash pockets.)

The Gramercy has the most pockets: 10 total, with 7 interior pockets and several designed for security — like a zippered pocket in the back (for tickets or money), or the hidden pocket within the left stash pocket.

The Presidio has 8 pockets — the 5 interior pockets offer a range of options, like a small ticket pocket, a buttoned pocket, and a zippered pocket. 

The Hopsack is such lightweight fabric and has minimal lining, which means it supports fewer pockets — still a total of 7 pockets, with 4 on the inside of the jacket. 

Note: on each of our product pages, there is a “Details” tab with an illustration and all the product’s pockets labeled. (Exceptions include the pocket-less Threshold t-shirts.)

Ways to Wear Them

All 3 Blazers, worn by Stefan

Stefan is wearing the Gramercy Suit in Blue Hour, the Presidio Suit in Thunder Grey, and the Hopsack Blazer in Sandstone.

The Gramercy can obviously pair with its matching suit pants, but just as easily be worn with chinos or jeans. It’s my go-to for business casual.

Our Presidio fabric is a true formal option, so it’s not meant to be worn with jeans or dressed down (whereas both the Hopsack and Gramercy are more versatile). The Presidio Suit is boardroom and wedding-ready, and it performs great in a range of temperatures. 

Because the Hopsack is a standalone separate, it’s intended to coordinate with several styles of pants. It’s unbelievably lightweight — it feels like wearing a feather on my back, and I am so impressed at how quickly any wrinkles fall out.

Our three blazers are each unique and an improvement on a classic. I hope they level up your style as much as they’ve enhanced mine.



Bluff on,


Stefan Loble



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