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10th Anniversary Destination: Morocco?

Stefan Loble

Distance from NYC: 3,836 miles.

Living in Morocco would be to dive into the mystical North African culture that I love. Both French and Arabic speaking, the country has it all including deserts, mountains, the coast and vibrant cities.

My trip when I was 20 had a real impact on me. Since then, I’ve returned to visit the souk of Marrakesh and surf the long waves of Imsouane. But, it’s a big country and it feels like there's never enough time.

Collage of images from Stefan's travels in Morocco showing the ancient ruins, and intricate mosque, and a meal of chicken and rice by the sea.



  • North African culture gets me jazzed every time.
  • It’d be an opportunity to dabble in Arabic.
  • The natural landscape is diverse with plentiful mountains, surf and more.


  • I’m not sure which Moroccan city I’d want to live in to be near the mountains or the beach.
  • Surf breaks aren’t so accessible that it would be possible to surf and work on the same day.


Ready to Guess?



Stefan Loble


Why are we writing this?

This blog post is part of our 10th Anniversary Adventure Giveaway. You can guess what country Stefan and his family are moving to for a chance to win a grand prize of up to $1,760 in airfare credit, accessories, and apparel. Contest runs from August 11-18, 2022. Terms & conditions apply.

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