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If I Could Escape Anywhere

Stefan Loble

When I was 20, my best friend and I spent a couple of weeks traveling in Morocco. You may have heard some of these stories such as me getting my camera stolen, or that time we almost pulled a knife on a tourist guide. 

Suffice it to say, it was an adventure. Yet, the entire trip wasn’t so dramatic – and all these years later it’s actually an experience of solitude and freedom that stands out.

Two years of the pandemic is enough to make anyone dream of being far away. And, if I could be anywhere right now, I know exactly where it would be...

Stunning scenery on the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs in Morocco

In the south of Morocco lies the road of 1,000 Kasbahs. It’s an area with unique and impressive mud walled forts that feel very far out indeed. As we were characteristically not satisfied with the best known or easy to access destinations, we decided to visit a few kasbahs that were more remote, and more than a stone's throw to get to. 

Our jumping off point was a tiny town. Given we were unwilling to hire a taxi for such a long and remote drive, we started walking with our thumbs out. 

You have to imagine the road. A remote desert highway, straight as an arrow with touring mountain ranges on the side. It was so empty, we walked straight down the middle of the road.

And that is my moment.

Right now, if you could teleport me to anywhere in the space and time of my travels, I would want to be walking down that remote highway with nothing but adventure ahead. With my best friend at my side and not a care in the world. I can still hear the soundtrack in my head: a light breeze, and the rhythm of my boots hitting the road.

That’s what I want. 

But why?

After two years into a pandemic, I feel like I just need a moment. You might too.

This one clicked for me because at the time:

  • All that mattered was the adventure. Our entire existence was focused on that one thing.
  • It felt like time was on our side. Sure, we figured to be back in town by dark, but really who cared? We could have ended up in a Bedouin tent. 
  • I was responsible for very little except myself. 
  • I felt like my body could do anything. Anything. Stef, go run to the top of that distant mountain range. Be right back.

At that point in my life, there was less go, go, go and more just be. And, in that moment I was a version of my best self. 

I'm not giving up on trips like this. How to get back to that feeling with today’s challenges is another topic. But in no way is this kind of adventure out of reach.

In the meantime - if you’ve got a similar story, large or small - I'd love to hear about it.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble



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