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10th Anniversary Destination: Senegal?

Stefan Loble

Distance from NYC: 3,818 miles.

Living in Senegal would be an opportunity to challenge our perspective. West Africa beats to its own special drum and is possibly further from our experience than any other destination on this list.

There would be a lot of challenges living in Dakar. Not the least of which is how I could keep up with the population of this creative, artistic and fashionable city who consistently emerge spotless after walking on a sandy street in high fashion or wearing all white. I’m not kidding.

One rare and special aspect is that Dakar is a city directly on the water; with surf right in town. Given the time difference between Senegal and the US, you can imagine how I might spend my mornings…

Collage of images from Stefan's travels in Senegal showing two silhouettes walking along the sea, a hibiscus drink, and a colorful outdoor courtyard.



  • Post colonial cultures - including their history, language and literature - is a long running interest and area of study for Rachel.
  • Giving Jules an opportunity to apply his French to a wholly different culture would be amazing; plus there is real advantage in learning Wolof.
  • Dakar has half a dozen surf breaks in town, with three exposures to swell.
  • The time difference is only 4 to 5 hours, depending on daylight savings time.


  • Traffic and the resulting pollution is no small thing.
  • It is the least developed destination.
  • The unknown. As the country we have the least experience with, there would be drawbacks unforeseen, although that’s true of everywhere.


Ready to Guess?



Stefan Loble


Why are we writing this?

This blog post is part of our 10th Anniversary Adventure Giveaway. You can guess what country Stefan and his family are moving to for a chance to win a grand prize of up to $1,760 in airfare credit, accessories, and apparel. Contest runs from August 11-18, 2022. Terms & conditions apply.

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