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Wedding Suits

Finally: options for a wrinkle-free travel suit you can wear anywhere. Comfortable, packable, and stylish, we make the best machine washable suits you can find.

Suit up for your big day.

Why is it that picking out men’s summer wedding attire — especially wedding suits — is such a challenge? It’s like, as soon as you say the word “wedding,” everything changes. With most suits, you're either sweating through your blazer, or wrestling with wrinkles (because: linen).

Not so with the Gramercy & Presidio Suits. They're wrinkle resistant, so you can wear it all day and dance the night away without worrying about a crease. They're machine washable, so you don't have to worry about spillage (or pricey dry cleaning). And, like all our clothes, this lightweight suit is also moisture wicking to keep you cool + comfortable no matter where the party takes you.

The Gramercy Suit

A breathable, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable blazer that still looks and feels like wool. Our fans say it's one of the best summer suits around, combining classic looks and technical features into one easy-to-wear package. The fabric is incredibly soft, with a bit of stretch, and doesn't feel synthetic. It's also lightweight and moisture wicking, meaning you won't be left to sweat it out.

In addition, this tech blazer includes a smart collection of 10 pockets, seamlessly integrated to be discreet and stylish.

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The Presidio Suit

When you need to dress up in warm weather, you won’t have to sweat it anymore — our Presidio fabric drapes like tropical wool but is even more lightweight and breathable. And, of course, it’s wrinkle resistant and machine washable. Thanks to all its technical capabilities, this performance suit is ideal for hot climates, even with a lined blazer.

The coordinating blazer and dress pants come with a total of 16 pockets, some zippered for travel security. But make no mistake: these suit separates were designed for formal occasions.

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"I had been a fan of the Bluffworks pants, so I thought the suit would be worth a try — and it didn’t disappoint."

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