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The Travel Shirt
by Bluffworks

Finally, a hard-working wrinkle-free dress shirt that doesn’t feel synthetic. Our shirt is made of 98% polyester that’s soft and natural looking - it is comfortable, includes stretch, never wrinkles, and dries fast.

So far, we’ve created an incredible line of dress pants, chinos, shorts, and blazer. Now, we’re launching the ultimate dress shirt as the final piece of the collection, so you can own the full Bluffworks outfit for the first time.

Available for order right now.

I spent the last two years working on this shirt, trying to create a performance dress shirt with advanced capabilities, and a natural look and feel.

We did it. And combined with anti-microbrial properties, have a created a shirt I wear nonstop - for work, physical activity like biking, traveling, whatever - for multiple days in a row.

We offer the Meridian Dress Shirt in:

Three patterns: Peak Blue Tattersall, Highland Grey Check, Deep Blue Mini-Check
Two fits: Classic and Slim
Two lengths: Regular and Tall
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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