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Performance Blazers

Meet the wrinkle-free, easy care, machine washable blazers that look and feel amazing.

We're bringing blazers back.

These are the kind of blazers you can crumple in a ball, toss on a chair, throw on right before a meeting and know they will still look great. A groomsman? The groom? Maybe just in need of a little grooming? These washable blazers both look and feel incredible – with very little effort. 

Made from lightweight technical fabrics, with anti-odor treatments baked in, these performance blazers will keep you cool even when the temperature rises. Plus, with plenty of pockets, you might actually be able to pull off that MacGyver move you’ve been planning. So feel free to use it, abuse it, then toss it in the wash – no worries, because we’ve got you covered.

  • Machine washable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Wrinkle Resistant

Gramercy Blazer

  • From couch to conference call – suit separate with matching pants

  • Lightweight, comfortable & breathable

  • Super soft, wrinkle resistant stretch fabric

  • 100% polyester that looks like wool

  • Partially lined

  • Machine washable

  • 10 pockets

  • Classic & slim fit, in four colors


Presidio Blazer

  • Single vent suit separate with matching dress pants

  • Structured yet comfortable for warm weather

  • Wrinkle resistant fabric, no iron needed

  • 100% polyester that drapes like tropical wool

  • Fully lined

  • Machine washable

  • 8 pockets

  • Slim & classic fit, in three colors


Hopsack Blazer

  • Smart casual sport coat that goes with everything

  • Ultra-lightweight, perfect for warmer climates

  • Feels like linen, without the wrinkles

  • 100% breathable polyester

  • Minimally lined

  • Machine washable

  • 7 pockets

  • Classic & slim fit, in two colors


“The first technical blazer we’ve seen that doesn’t sacrifice texture for performance.”


Why did I build the blazer?

Hey, this is Stefan, the founder of Bluffworks.

I was tired of hot, heavy, uninspired blazers that cost an arm and a leg to dry clean. Ones that never seem to keep their shape, ending up a rumpled, wrinkled mess, no matter what I did. I wanted a blazer I didn’t have to baby!

I needed a blazer made for my life, and made for guys like me.

I wear our blazers all the time and I never worry about taking care of them. They always look good in any situation, wherever I may be.

I can’t wait to see what you do in yours.

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Notify me when this size is back in stock.