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Why We’re Launching A Men’s Activewear Line

Stefan Loble

The origin of our most successful products is the same driving force: my frustration with the things I own. First it was pants, then blazers, followed by dress shirts I wanted to wear again and again, and eventually the humble t-shirt

The whole point of our apparel is to make garments that support the passions of my life that are more important than caring for my clothes. Ironing and dry cleaning are out. Being comfortable, looking great and owning fewer things are my main priorities. I basically want to be able to do anything while packing light, looking great, and not wasting time.

Lately, I’ve focused on products to support the more athletic parts of my life, and I’m pleased to announce that coming soon is the first men’s activewear collection from Bluffworks – our Rev Athletic Short and Pant.

Imagine this: I'm out the door for a run, sometimes grabbing my wallet and always grabbing my phone and keys. The question is, where do I put all my stuff? 

With all the running I did during the pandemic, I tried a lot of solutions to carry my things. From typical athletic shorts (where everything jiggled around as I moved) to frustrating and uncomfortable running bands, nothing fit the bill. 

I couldn’t help but consider how athletic shorts with pockets could be better. So, we took it on with FIVE main goals - 

  1. Absolutely nail the ideal phone pocket for athletic activity.

    I was frustrated by other shorts that had mediocre solutions for carrying my device. I needed both a place for my phone to ride nicely, and to easily access it with one hand. Our solution is the best (really only one) I’ve seen.

  2. Make our athletic products highly packable for a trip.

    Engineering lightweight products can be tricky. Athletic pants or shorts can easily end up too thin or drapey, so a balance has to be struck. After an extensive development process and many rounds of testing, we landed on a hybrid approach that uses two materials that feel perfect, without sacrificing freedom of movement. I especially love that the shorts roll up to be the size of a slim burrito, and weigh far less than 1 lb.

  3. Go beyond the phone.

    To fully meet my needs, we have to manage everything I might carry when activity strikes. Keys, wallet, phone… someplace to put my glasses, and maybe carry an energy bar too.  It all needs to fit without dragging down my shorts or shaking around when I move.

  4. Make them classic.

    While our athletic collection is made for the most strenuous workouts, we maintained a classic look and feel. Think of high performance, without being over the top. You'll see soon… 

Every time we create something that hasn’t been done before, it takes many rounds of testing to get it right. Prototypes constantly fail – often to the degree that I can never predict
if or when a product will come to life.

So for these products in the end, we developed a simple, yet innovative rubric to make sure you’ll love these as much as I do. In my wear testing, I made sure that I was able to:

  • Run forever and never break a stride when I change my music – as I can access my phone with one hand.
  • Actually lose track of my phone while running errands, because I forgot it was even there.
  • Ride my bike with confidence and ease.
  • Never lose a nerf battle or game of tag because I have to put down my phone. 
  • Sit at a cafe without sitting on my phone.

Stay tuned for more about the product features by making sure you’re subscribed to our email list. We’ll be announcing the Rev Athletic Short and Pant in late April for preorder.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble


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