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These guys washed their blazers

Stefan Loble

Of all the hesitations you might feel around buying a new blazer, like will it be hot, will it wrinkle, and will I look good… one that stands out is:  can I throw it in the washing machine like Bluffworks says.

Below, we’re excited to share feedback from guys who had the courage to wash their blazers - GASP! - and publicly commented about it on our website.

All of our performance blazers are packable, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, full of pockets and yes, machine washable.

  • The Gramercy is our best seller that pairs with khakis, jeans or its matching suit pant.
  • The Presidio is more formal, fully lined and makes a straight-up elegant blazer or suit. 
  • The Hopsack is linen-like and more casual and is offered only as a blazer.

We suspect your main concern is, “if I wash it, how will it come out”?

But owning one of our blazers and never visiting a dry cleaner would put you in good company. You’d be like Tim who lives inAustralia, where the weather is often very warm and who hasthrown it in the washing machine a few times to wash, and never ironed it.

Our customers have high standards for their clothes. Like Robert, who is a professional performer and remarked  Packing and repacking for five flights and two train trips, this blazer held up well with no wrinkles. Only after washing and drying at home, my skeptical wife was convinced.. wow, no wrinkles.

We wonder, what’s more important, being able to wash and wear your everyday blazer without either wrinkles or a dry cleaning bill? Or, getting out of a jam when disaster strikes, like Aaron who “got absolutely dumped on by a defecating pigeon.The details were ugly as he describedall across my head and shoulders, all down one arm, and onto my trousers,but after he threw it in the wash and dryer when he got home, he found it to be good as new.

Stuff happens when you’re on the road, and a good travel blazer has to be able to survive the unexpected, like for Alex who had a few bottles of German beer explode in his luggage such that he was Soaked in beer and glass hours before a meeting until he, “shook the glass out of the blazer, threw it in the wash, and air dried it all in a matter of a few hours.

After the extensive testing we did before launching any of our blazers, and now after making blazers for thousands of guys all over the world, we can certify that every Bluffworks blazer would be machine washable for you too.

How To Wash Our Machine Washable Blazers

Washing your blazer is easy. Machine wash either cold or warm by following the care instructions (look inside the chest pocket.)

Tumble dry low.

And importantly as Robert remarked “remove from washer and dryer immediately as stated by Bluffworks. 

Then, go take on the world. (Or, call us if you have a problem.)

Washable and Looks Great

Now that we’ve addressed your concerns around washing, we have a confession to make. It’s that the hardest part of making our performance suiting wasn’t building our blazers to be machine washable. What was more difficult was making them as Tim attested to “consistently looks fantastic”. All of our blazers are built to impress such that Plenty of people around the office and life have commented on how good it looks… It looks like a high quality wool (or maybe wool mix) suit. They are shocked when I tell them it's synthetic!

It took us years to make just one performance blazer and suit look and feel right. And we’ve taken the last six years to carefully expand the line.

The Most Comfortable Blazers

The last piece of the puzzle is to make a performance blazer feel good too.

Travel is our passion and the same clothes that look great after being stuffed in your bag, and feel great after hours in an airline seat, perform better back home too. 

The world is our proving ground, like for Robert who bought his blazer expressly for travel to Spain and Portugal where temps sometimes exceeded 100.We impressed Tim who found our blazer to be “stretchy and insanely comfortable (can't repeat that enough), but breathable, cool and consistently looks flawless."

Davis found what he thinks is “The best jacket for business travel specifically because he canroll it up and stuff it in a bag with no concerns. Always looks great.

In fact, before Bluffworks existed our personal frustration was with paying to dry clean a suit, only to have it wrinkle the same day. Argh... Not with our blazers.

Would These Guys Buy Our Blazers and Suits Again?

We all want to own the right gear, so even buying an affordable suit entails consideration. We weren’t surprised to hear that even a guy like Davis who “travels once a month to exhibit at trade shows across the worldand who already had a “great experience with Bluffworks pants”, still took a minute to try our blazers. Which leads to the most important question: Would these guys buy our products again?

In the end, Davis found “the Gramercy blazer takes my anxiety away. With my other jackets I had to take great care packing them and hanging them up as soon as I checked in.

Tim also felt that “Comparing its looks and functionality to just about anything else, it is an incredible bargain.

And, lastly Alex left a comment that hit hard. “There is NO product I'd give my complete trust to more!” Wow. That one makes us proud.

Our Customer Service is standing by to help get you set up. And we’re eager to help as we’re confident you'll have the same experience in any of our Gramercy, Hopsack or Presidio blazers as these guys did.

Well, except for one guy, Hans. He’s special… 

I recently had a low side motorcycle crash. Was wearing jeans and your sports jacket as my outer layer.

After going down, being drenched, getting muddy, I threw it in the wash and hang dried. It doesn’t show a scratch! What voodoo magic is this!

Be careful out there. 

Bluff On,

Stefan Loble

 Stefan and the Bluffworks Team

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