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The Hot Weather Clothing That Will Help You Survive Summer Travel

Stefan Loble

Riding camels in the desert while wearing Bluffworks.


There’s no doubt: summer is the best. But I hate being hot in my clothes. Hot weather clothing like shorts and a t-shirt are fine at the beach — no problem! But those moments when you want to look better are also probably the same times you don’t want to be drenched in sweat.

You may wonder whether it’s even possible to be stylish in hot weather.

Our photographer friend, Kyle, recently found himself in Morocco and was able to test this theory. He wanted to look good for his photos — and his new wife, on one of their first trips together after getting married earlier this year — without suffering in the heat.

The verdict?

Tangier. Walking down to the beach after a mint tea at Café Hafa.

“My wife and I had both wanted to go to Morocco for some time. Morocco has a great fusion of cultures with strong history and influence from both Europe and Northern Africa, while maintaining a specific style and tradition of its own. The country also has a beautiful diversity in its environment: Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, the beach, and cities old and new. The photo above was taken in Tangier, walking down to the beach after having a mint tea at Café Hafa.”

Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert, outside Merzouga. Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert, outside Merzouga.

“The experiences were unforgettable. We rode camels out into the sand dunes from Merzouga, watched the sunset, had dinner, and spent the night in a desert camp. We were able to see the stars and wake before dawn to watch the sunrise over the dunes and ride the camels back in early in the morning.

“When traveling we try to live like locals as much as we’re able. Part of that is wearing clothes that we would be comfortable in if we lived in the place we are visiting, clothes that would fit in with the location and also fit in with what we like to wear. We usually try not to wear many things that have loud signifiers of where we are from or that we are traveling, like graphic tees or travel clothes that look like travel clothes (extra visible pockets and zippers, vent flaps, etc.)”

 Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca. Resting in the shade outside the second largest mosque in the world decorated with walls of Moroccan tile.

"Here I am resting in the shade outside the second largest mosque in the world - the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca - decorated with walls of Moroccan tile.

The pants and shirts from Bluffworks were ideal for the trip. The nights were cool in most places that we stayed, but the days were often hot and the sun was strong. It was important to have clothes that would look good, be culturally appropriate, breathe well, and wick moisture (especially since my wife and I were sharing one suitcase the whole time).”

I’m always excited when guys share how their Bluffs work in the real world, and I couldn’t agree more with Kyle’s take.

For me, looking stylish in the heat comes down to seeking out lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking materials. And, ironically, long-sleeved shirts (like the Meridian) and breathable pants for hot weather offer more sun protection, keeping you out of the direct sun. In hot foreign countries (like Mexico and Vietnam), you may have noticed that people who work under the sun all day typically wear long sleeves, breathable pants, and other sun protection.

We make lightweight travel clothing for hot climates that are cool, light and breathable so you can feel good and look great wherever you go. One important tip is to choose lighter colors, for example khaki versus charcoal, because they are so much better at reflecting sunlight and heat.

Don’t let your clothes get in the way of your adventures, and maybe we’ll see you on a camel soon.

Bluff on,


Stefan Loble


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