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Mens Summer Wedding Attire: The Fool-Proof Guide

Stefan Loble

Kyle in his Gramercy Suit during a wedding photo shoot.


Why is it that picking out men’s summer wedding attire — especially destination wedding suits — is such a challenge? It’s like, as soon as you say the word “wedding,” everything changes.

With typical mens summer suits, it’s hard to look good and stay cool and comfortable at the same time. Either you’re sweating out of your blazer or wrestling with wrinkles in a linen suit.

Whether you’re in the wedding party, attending the event, working it, or getting wed yourself, we know there’s a need to provide a hassle-free approach to finding the perfect summer wedding suits — and we have the answer.

Our Gramercy Suit combines form and function in the best possible way. (Check it out!)

It’s wrinkle resistant so you can wear it all day and dance the night away without worrying about a crease. It’s machine washable, so you can wear it to travel in, to the bachelor party, and to the wedding without pricey dry cleaning. And, like all our clothes, it’s lightweight and moisture wicking to keep you cool and comfortable no matter where the party takes you.

Of course, the other cool thing about the Gramercy Suit is that the pants and blazer are technically matching separates, which means you can mix and match to create dozens of unique outfits. No more buying a “wedding suit” that you’ll never wear again. And unlike expensive formal wear that you feel you have to baby, you’re not going to damage your Gramercy Suit by really living in it. What I’m saying is, if you end up breakdancing on the floor at the reception in it, you’re not going to ruin it.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Below, we talk to three Bluffworks guys who’ve worn the Gramercy Suit around the globe, and in nearly every wedding-related situation imaginable!

Arnold W. - The Proposal

Arnold proposes in Amsterdam wearing the Gramercy Blazer and Chinos.

Photo credit: Sylvia Falcomer

Arnold is a loyal Bluffworks customer who reached out to us to share his proposal story, and his appreciation of the clothes that helped him look and feel great for this important moment.

“I use Bluffworks clothing most days at home, and having a wardrobe that I can also take on the road with me makes travel a cinch. I ended up using your entire line for my proposal last week in Amsterdam. We decided to travel carry-on only, so my Gramercy Blazer, Meridian Shirt, and Originals sat in the suitcase for nearly a week before proposing. (By the way, I'm really, really in love with the Meridian Shirt.) I hung everything up the night before, and everything was absolutely perfect on the day of the proposal.

My girlfriend (at the time) hadn't ever been out of the U.S., and one of our goals together is to share more special experiences and make sure we see the world. This was our first trip abroad together, and I wanted to make the engagement experience something she'd remember forever.

One of the ways we're able to really seize the moment when we're on vacation is that we try to get professional photography when we take our big trips. The photos are so much more impactful when they're done well, versus only having selfies of our trip.

So my engagement was me trying to capture our love, our desire for travel, and having someone document it in a beautiful place. She was surprised, but she definitely knew it was coming. She didn't know about the photographer, and that was a really awesome experience. I was nervous about whether she would like the ring, whether the ring would fit, and how the photography was going to go, but everything went really well.”

Congratulations, Arnold!

Kyle M. - The Wedding

Kyle getting married in his Gramercy Suit.

Photo credit: Ashton Rail Photography

Kyle is a photographer who reached out about our suit before his wedding, and we got connected on Instagram. He communicated that he and his bride were planning a personal, intimate wedding with a less formal flare. We were excited to see pictures from the ceremony and hear how well it went.

“Before getting married, I had one cheap suit I’d had for years. It didn’t look bad, but the jacket was bulkier than I would like and it wasn’t versatile. (And then, I ripped the pants in half when we were shooting our engagement pictures in some sand dunes.) As I’ve been trying to own less that can do more, I knew I wanted to find a suit that I would be able to wear in different settings and different occasions.

We got married in a greenhouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We strung lights and set up two long tables to have our reception there as well, with about 50 of our close family and friends celebrating with us. We had a local taqueria cater and had wedding cake and churros. It was beautiful, emotional, and I cried the whole time (in an embarrassing, but good way!).

As a photographer, I was looking for a suit that would have a classic look to it and would look timeless in the photos. I had been a fan of the Bluffworks pants, so I thought the suit would be worth a try — and it didn’t disappoint.

Especially in Arkansas, enduring southern summer weddings as a groom and a photographer, it’s great to know that the suit is technical to keep cool and washable when humidity is unavoidable. I received a lot of compliments wearing it throughout my whole wedding. I have worn it since as a suit and often wear the pants and jacket independently.”

Congratulations, Kyle!

Matija K. - The Wedding Pro


Matija keeping cool while wearing our blazer in the hot sun.

Photo credit: Matija Kljunak

Matija Kljunak is a wedding photographer from Croatia who shoots destination weddings. We found him after learning that — in his words — he was already “somewhat of a Bluffworks addict” with 11 pairs of our pants! Now he also has our blazer and dress shirt, so he really knows our product line as well as what works and what doesn’t at a destination wedding.

“The conditions I work in are tropical. Air temperatures in the shade from 35°C/95°F to 40°C/104°F and in direct sun easily more than 50°C/122°F, up to 90% humidity... it's truly extreme.

As a photographer with a photojournalistic approach (which involves a lot of running around and no second chances), I wear a double leather harness for my cameras and have a backpack with 10kg of equipment in the mix. So I personally wear a synthetic dress shirt and trousers (Bluffworks Originals on the hottest days and Chinos for slightly cooler occasions).

For grooms in these circumstances, it's hard to be practical — you only get married once and you know a lens will often be pointed your way — but it's also hard to ignore the heat wave.

I am practical by nature, so I think it’s better to be comfortable than look the most formal. So having breathable, quick-drying clothes that look good is key — and it helps the grooms enjoy their wedding (and photos) more than if they’re constantly wiping sweat off and getting stains on their clothes.

Bluffworks changed the way I work since I can look smart and not be dying inside in this hot Mediterranean climate. (Not to mention stop worrying about my car keys, now safe in the hidden zipped up pocket.)”

I feel so honored to have been a tiny part of all these guys’ wedding experiences through Bluffworks — and I’d be honored if you made us a part of your important day.

Lastly, if you’re planning a wedding and want to outfit the whole party, we can help! Contact to inquire about our wedding pricing. And if you’re planning on attending or being in a beach wedding this year, let us know! We’d love to feature you in a future post about beach wedding suits.

Stefan Loble


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