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Staying in the Game

Stefan Loble

As you may know, for me an adventure – despite possibly being an overused word – is the best there is.

Whether it’s deep in the outdoors, or pounding New York city concrete at home, these are the moments that make me feel the most alive. Usually, with my 10 year old sidekick in tow.

What you may not know is that last year, I spent some time out of the game. I was laid up for weeks due to hamstring surgery at the end of 2018. And truth be told, I think it struck fear in the heart of my son.

Fast forward to today, and I’m climbing my way back. Working hard, getting stronger. Spending hours in the gym and on a physical therapy table. Last weekend we tied a 90 minute nerf battle. Tied after 90 minutes. I’ll take it.

To be clear, it’s been haaaaard. Up to crying “uncle” more than once on the PT table. If I don’t do the work, my hamstring will never come back on its own. So, on this Father’s Day, that’s what I’m grateful for: the possibility that through hard work, I can get back in the game.

Jules and I walking down the street in NYC in summer.

With my sidekick in NYC, wearing our Departure Jeans and Meridian Shirt.

From day one, the point of Bluffworks has been to reduce hassle in my life, so I can spend more time doing what I love. When I look back at our original Kickstarter video, it’s obvious how focused my mission was from day one.

I’m proud that we’ve been able to continue to make clothes that look great and can keep up with all your adventures. Like a t-shirt for the nonstop activity of life as a dad: nerf gun to cafe. We’ve got your back.

Today, if you ask me and my sidekick which one of us is faster, stronger or better looking, you’ll get one answer from me; and the other from him. But, all matters of vanity aside…there are a couple of races I may never win again. As it should be. As long as I don't go down easy.

For Father’s Day, I’m sending you energy to take on what you love, and maybe a few extra moments via time saved. Keep going.

Bluff on,
Stefan Loble


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