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The Best Family-Friendly Moth Shows

Stefan Loble

Me, my son and my father all enjoying some family time.


Once upon a time, we were in a cab to Kennedy airport in NYC, and my son Jules was getting sick in the car. 

I wanted to soothe him, and take his mind off of how he was feeling, so I cued up an episode of The Moth.

The story was about a guy who had a long career as a pickpocket in New York City. OK, look… it’s not the greatest thing to encourage a young lad to pick up such a nefarious craft, but he seems to have a decent moral compass, so I let it fly.

A few minutes in, I can remember the line… “bells were ringing like a mother—...”. My wife looked over, like really?

Here’s the thing, I had actually listened to that episode just a few days before. Yeah, it was a little out there, but I didn’t remember it as too bad. Now we were trapped, as Jules was all into this episode - I mean, it’s super entertaining - and we couldn’t pry away the thing that was making him feel better.

The damage was done.

My Gift to You

The is season, my gift to you is a personal, hand-crafted list of my all-time favorite Moth episodes. That is, those that are family-friendly.

This list is designed to bring you joy, and a feeling of connectedness, I imagine on a long car ride, or some other moment when the family can come together.

It’s easy to forget, that once upon a time stories were all we had. They are the original art form, and are what makes us human.

Before you get started... Be careful how one episode rolls into another. If you keep listening and it gets dark, you’re off my list!

1. Joy

One of the purest, best Moth episodes you can find. One that goes deep for everyone. I’m sure you can relate.

5 mins long.

2. All At Sea

A guy crosses the English Channel in a bathtub!

17 mins long.

3. Dinner at Elaine's

A wonderful story about living your dreams. This story gives me hope every time I listen. 

8 mins long.

NOTE: The beginning of this episode is only loosely related to the story. For any impatient listeners, I recommend starting at 2:45 in.

4. Hangtime

All of our biggest adventures include risk. Hang on to your hat.

11 mins long.

5. Cub to King

A story about a kid finding himself in the outdoors.

6 mins long.

6. What's Next

I love this episode because it’s how I like to travel. Less about the place, and more about who you are while there.

12 mins long.

7. The Postman Always Calls

Within the balance of giving versus being selfish, a little girl ends up doing a good deed but in a reluctant way. Note: it takes a few minutes to get going.

BUT WAIT - there is a problem with this audio clip. You have to fast forward to 34 mins in.

And, the episode that started it all...

8. Pickpocket School 

Be careful. This one is NOT SO SAFE, mostly due to language. Be advised.

9 mins long.

I hope you love them.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble


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