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Meet the Lenox Dress Shirt

Stefan Loble

Ever since we launched the Meridian and Zenith shirts – our popular patterned technical dress shirts – guys have been asking us when we could make them in solid colors. The great news is, that day has come.

It seems like a simple problem to solve: just dye the Meridian or Zenith fabrics with a solid color, no big deal. But if we’ve learned anything in the production of apparel, especially with the exacting standards we hold our fabrics to, it’s that a seemingly simple request can put us into months – even years – of rigorous R&D. Ultimately, the weave of our current shirts was part of the secret recipe in making them wrinkle resistant, with such a natural hand feel. Solids in those fabrics just didn’t work.

From our perspective, a clean white dress shirt has to be elegant and resist wrinkles, looking like it just came from the dry cleaners, straight out of the washing machine. It also has to have stretch, as well as repel moisture and resist odors. These are the minimums for any Bluffworks product. It all came down to: could we do these things, and have the shirt still look great?

It took years. During that period, we researched solid shirts from other brands, and discovered not one that truly impressed us. Which is why we are so excited to finally introduce the Lenox solid dress shirt – debuting in two colors, Pure White and Powder Blue – and available for preorder next week.

Formal or informal, this high performance dress shirt is made with technical fabrics that do all those things we mentioned (and more) – no iron needed.

Meet the Fabric

A chest close up shot of the white Lenox Dress Shirt on a male model.


  • Lightweight 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Wrinkle resistant, no iron fabric
  • Odor resistant and moisture-wicking
  • Breathable and soft knit fabric


The Lenox fabric is knit rather than a woven fabric, providing it with additional structure to support its tailored look. We wanted to create a shirt that looked minimal and sleek, one that would be an instant upgrade to your look, and I have to say – mission accomplished.

Compared to our other dress shirts, the Lenox feels softer, and with more stretch than its siblings – a bit less techy in feel, without sacrificing its incredible performance. The other thing you’ll notice is, this knit is comfortable, making it easy to wear all day or on a long flight, where in the end, it will still look great.

Like all our products, we ensured that the Lenox did not lack in features. The fabric is treated with anti-odor technology, and is moisture wicking, as well as water, stain, and wrinkle resistant.

Meet the Features

Closeup showing sleeve cuffs with buttons
Closeup showing buttoned front placketCollar stays shown underneath neck collar.
  1. Two button cuff
  2. Double stitch front placket
  3. Pointed collar with collar stays


To preserve its classic look (and because all our other products are loaded with pockets), the Lenox dress shirt is streamlined and pocket-free. We’ve added a two-button cutaway cuff so you can wear the sleeve more open or tighter around the wrist. Plus, there’s a spread collar with branded collar stays.

Model wears the black Presidio suit with the white Lenox Dress Shirt.

The Lenox dress shirt is best paired with our Presidio or Gramercy suit for the ultimate classic look – one that we know our guys have been waiting patiently for. The powder blue color is also a great combination with our Ascender chinos, which come in a variety of neutrals, for a more casual yet elevated outfit.

We are so grateful for your feedback in the creation of this shirt – I’m super excited about how we brought together style and function in all our dress shirts, but this one is special. We can’t wait to launch the Lenox, and hope you love our newest addition as much as we do. May it serve you well whenever you wear it, wherever you go.

Bluff on,


Stefan Loble

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Notify me when this size is back in stock.