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Meet the Ascender Chino

Stefan Loble

Stefan wearing the Ascender Chinos in Morocco


We’re releasing a new chino. And it’s a big deal. (UPDATE: Our new chinos are here!) Our original chino pants were a favorite for many of you, and a best-seller for us. You told me you loved it — and I did too. But eventually I said, “I can make it better.”

This project was a combination of applying a next-level fabric, adding new pockets, and an addictive stretch waistband.

Let’s take a look.

Meet the Fabric

Fabric details of our new Ascender stretch chinos.

Our Ascender Chino fabric is soft with built-in stretch so it feels great on, but also has the technical features you want from true performance chinos:

  • 100% technical polyester twill.
  • Wrinkle-resistant and breathable.
  • Moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-microbial.
  • Machine-washable. Line or tumble dry.
  • Lightweight 5.31 oz per yard fabric.

As we searched for a fabric to replace our best-selling travel chinos, this one far and away outpaced everything else we saw. It resists wrinkles and odors. It wicks moisture and repels water. And it’s lightweight and breathable. And in a package that feels super soft and looks great.

With the matte finish, the fabric takes color beautifully. The Ascender Chino comes in five colors: navy, red, khaki, green, and grey. They style great with the rest of our line, so you can go casual with the Threshold Performance T-Shirt or dress it up with our Gramercy Blazer.

Every time I put these pants on, I smile. You could never tell from looking at them, but they have a built in stretch waistband so they’re easier to fit, and adjust as you move. After all, even the best of us have been known to put on a pound or two in France.

Meet the Pockets

Diagram of the many hidden zippered security pockets in our new travel chinos.

There are a lot of pockets in these pants. We designed our new chino pants with zipper pockets to optimize your ability to carry what you want, how you want – taking notes from both the EDC (everyday carry) community and the feedback we've heard directly from you over the years.

First, in front we have a regular slash pocket on each side. Inside each of those is our standard zippered security pocket – with reverse zippers to deter a pickpocket trying to access your valuables.

Next, we applied a heightened approach to EDC pants in an effort to address the basics everyone carries – keys, wallet, phone. So, we placed a multi-tool utility pocket inside the wearer’s right front. I find this the perfect place to store my keys, so they don’t jump around when I move. Finally, problem solved.

In addition, we included a new interior front phone pocket, for a guy who likes to carry their phone most handy. This pocket keeps a phone higher and more comfortably on your thigh. Our signature back phone pocket remains, just below the back right waistband – where it carries your phone securely yet out of the way when you sit down.

Better than a money belt

Something we haven’t seen before in pants with hidden pockets is our unique approach to a nagging problem: the travel money belt. It’s annoying and uncomfortable to wear an extra item, and it’s not convenient to access. So we built in a travel money pouch as a safe place to stash cash, passports, and important tickets while on the road.

Here’s how it works: before you put your pants on, load up the pocket with cash or other valuables from the inside, velcro-ing it closed. Your valuables will sit safely (and subtly) under your regular pockets against your left thigh. When you need access to your stuff, enter through the left front zippered pocket to pull out what you need. I find this the perfect solution to carrying larger amounts of cash, and removing $100 bills one at a time. A pickpocket will never know they’re there.

The last two pockets are the back pockets, which are standard with double welts, and a left side zipper closure.

Those are the 10 pockets of our Ascender Chinos, designed to carry the things you want and need, safely and comfortably. I’m looking forward to hearing how you use them.

Stefan wears the Ascender travel chinos and the Threshold Performance Tee on location in Morocco.

I wore these chinos nonstop on my most recent trip to Morocco. They are so comfortable, with the stretch waistband watching my back when I ate too much tagine. There is nothing like adding a stash of cash to the travel money pouch, and feeling secure the whole time.

The truth is, you really don’t need that many pairs of our chinos. They’re designed to last you for days (less washing, less owning, less packing) and always look and feel great. Easy to add to your capsule wardrobe, or make part of your everyday workwear.

The Ascender Chino is now available in Midnight Navy, Desert Khaki, Voyager Grey, Boulevard Green and Mars Red.

Bluff on,


Stefan Loble


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Notify me when this size is back in stock.