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Meet The Eardley: Men’s Caps For The Guy Who Goes Everywhere

Stefan Loble

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The Eardley works great as a running hat, performing just as well on the trails as it does on the streets.


My goal in designing caps for men was to produce a good looking hat that could be worn in any situation. Something that performs well, can take a beating, and is good for all weather.

Enter the Eardley Cap.

When I travel, I need a running hat for high activity, and also a more refined cap for hanging out in the city. And before now, men’s caps didn’t seem to be up to both tasks.

The details


Front detailed view of the Eardley men's cap.


Back view of the Eardley Men's Cap, which has an adjustable pull tab for the perfect fit.

To create this jack-of-all-trades cap, we chose 100% technical stretch polyester that dries fast, and is both breathable and water resistant. It has an elegant, matte appearance and a subtle Bluffworks logo. We used a technical synthetic brim that will hold its shape and not lose stiffness over time.

As with all Bluffworks products, we put a lot of thought into the technical details to really make the best cap we could make, including thinking about how to make it fit everyone’s head as well as possible. The closure is an adjustable pull tab to customize your fit, and one side stretches to make it snug so it won’t come off in a breeze.

We also spent a lot of time creating the right silhouette that is low profile, but with enough room to be comfortable.

The style

 Our men's caps are available in two colors: Burnt Orange and Slate Grey.

(left: Burnt Orange; right: Slate Grey)

We chose two colors for the cap: a classic slate grey and an exciting burnt orange. The grey goes well with just about everything in the Bluffworks line. I like it when I want to fly under the radar a bit. It looks great with all our Meridian Shirts and I’ve paired it with our Gramercy Blazer, and it looks sharp.

I sometimes like to mix a brightly colored accessory with neutral colored outfits for a splash of fun, and the orange cap fits the bill. I especially like to pair it with the Sapphire Horizon Quilted Vest and our new denim (coming soon). 

The result

There are certain products people end up forging a connection with. A hat is one of them. This is my hat.

But it only happens when a product feels right. And this is one of those products for me.

The Eardley goes with me everywhere. With this one cap, I can hammer it in the surf, let it dry, and still look decent in a public setting.

It would make an ideal stocking stuffer for a guy whose life sees a lot of miles.

My money is on this cap becoming your new favorite. May it carry you far. 

Bluff on,


Stefan Loble


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Notify me when this size is back in stock.