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An Update on our Travel Jeans

Stefan Loble

The first look at our travel jeans.


Since we announced that we’ll be releasing jeans this year, we’ve gotten a lot of interest and questions about the details. As we get closer to the product release, we can finally answer some of your questions with more clarity:

Do they look like regular jeans?

This is a big YES. Our goal was to create a pair of jeans that look and feel like traditional denim, but wear more like technical pants, and I think we’ve done an incredible job. We’re shooting to create the best men’s travel jeans out there, and we’re calling them the Departure Jeans.

Unlike other “technical denim” on the market, these really do look like cotton denim jeans. We’ve also included a bunch of traditional design features. You know that patch on the back waistband? Our Departure Jeans have one, and we designed ours with our logo on classic brown paper. We also used dual stitching with contrasting yellow and orange thread just like your favorite pair of classic jeans.

We also designed the Departure Jeans in a classic dark wash, and because of the way the fabric and wash are designed, they’ll take on unique character as you wear them just like classic denim will.

Why only one color? Why a wash?

We’re launching our Departure Jeans in just one color, a classic medium dark wash.

In designing our travel jeans to have a classic aesthetic, we considered doing a raw denim (ie: no wash) so that the color would lighten based on each guy’s wear and movement, but raw denim “crocks,” meaning that the indigo rubs off everywhere. When I tested those, it drove me crazy, and I figured it would drive you crazy, too.

So we worked with our designer and the factory to do just enough wash that the color wouldn’t crock but still result in a dark denim, with a few subtle wash features to provide depth with a hint of wear.

We also chose a medium dark wash because, in addition to looking like a more classic jean, darker denim is typically more flattering and can look more formal when paired with a blazer.

How do the jeans compare to other Bluffworks pants?

Because our jeans are mostly cotton whereas our other pants are 100% polyester, they’re hard to compare. The cotton means the jeans are very breathable, and we added in COOLMAX wicking technology to keep moisture moving to the surface so that our jeans will keep you cool.

Overall, our jeans are designed to work in all seasons – comfortable, breathable, soft, and durable.

How heavy is the material?

The weight of the fabric is 11 oz per yard. We weighed a pair of our sample jeans in size 33 waist, and they came in around 23 oz.

Our other pants fabrics do weigh less (our chinos are 5.31 oz per yard, for example), but regular denim is 12-14 oz per yard, so our Departure Jeans are considerably lighter weight while also containing a high cotton percentage.

Do the jeans stretch?

Yes. We used a blend of real cotton plus stretch thanks to COOLMAX® (a wicking polyester that keeps you cool), so these Jeans move with you. They’re made of 68% Cotton, 22% COOLMAX Polyester, 9% Rayon, and 1% Spandex.

Are these machine washable pants like other Bluffworks products?

Yes – but at first, it’s best to wash them alone or with other dark colors because there is still some natural indigo used in the dying process that could rub off on your whites in the wash. We suggest machine wash warm, inside out with like colors; then tumble dry like normal.

What kind of pockets do the jeans have?

One of the details guys love about Bluffworks products are the thoughtful details we include, like secure travel pockets, and our new jeans are no exception. We’ve designed with the classic five-pocket style – two in front, with a coin pocket in the right hand pocket, and the standard two in back. Because pants with zipper pockets are so important for travel, we added two hidden, zippered, water-resistant pockets sewn into the yoke (seam below the waistband).

When will Bluffworks Jeans be available?

Of COURSE this is the biggest question guys have been asking us!

There are certain weeks of the year that, if we miss delivery by even one day, somebody will be very upset. And around Christmas, we’re playing with fire. The process of developing a new product is always time-intensive. And the more innovative a product is, the taller the challenge for the factory. The upshot is — as you may have guessed — this is taking time.

At this point, we feel most comfortable committing to our jeans shipping in January. A lot can happen between now and then, but that’s the plan. If something happens to change you'll be the first to know, if you join our list.  


UPDATE: Our Travel Jeans are now shipping!


Bluff on,

Stefan Loble


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