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Product Update: Denim Coming Soon

Stefan Loble

A preview of some of the washes for the new Bluffworks Denim.


We’ve always wanted to make Bluffworks denim because I know that lots of guys live in their jeans. They’re comfy, durable, and casual but look great in lots of situations — all things we want in the best clothes for travel....and regular life.

But the problem is, traditional jeans are not great for travel. 100% cotton denim is heavy, it can be hot, and doesn’t have any travel features. On the other hand, I have seen a few travel jeans mens fashion companies have created that were highly technical, and I think went too far.

So the question is: Where do we want to fall on the spectrum? How technical, or how traditional, should our denim be?

Here’s what’s on my list for the best travel jeans by Bluffworks:

  • Have to stretch and move with me.
  • Must be wicking and keep me cool.
  • I want them to fade and fray like traditional denim.
  • Need to be soft, yet durable - we want to create the most comfortable mens jeans out there.
  • Designed to look like a traditional pair of denim.
  • Should include our usual array of features to create a pair of travel jeans with hidden pockets.

We went into research and development with these criteria in mind. By working with our fabric mills, we came up with a way to use real cotton and add stretch along with COOLMAX® (a wicking polyester that keeps you cool) to solve the problems with traditional denim. Then, our fashion designer got to work including the travel features we wanted, without making them look like overdone travel pants.

The result is that I think we’re finally ready to do our first, limited run of Bluffworks denim. It will be a jean that embodies the concept of modern vintage - new, but familiar. These will be a pair of jeans that carry traditional denim details alongside their modern technical properties, and will age in a unique way to the wearer, just as classic jeans always have.

Here’s an idea of what they’ll look like:

A schematic of the jean design we will be creating.


If you’ve got other ideas about our jeans, feel free to pop them in the comments below; we read every one.

UPDATE: Our Travel Jeans are now shipping!

Bluff On,


Stefan Loble


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Notify me when this size is back in stock.