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KeySmart Review and Free Gift for Father’s Day

Stefan Loble

Once upon a time, I backed a Kickstarter project for a minimalist keyring. I hate jangly keys in my pockets, making a noisy mess and poking me all the time. So when I saw this project, I thought, finally.

KeySmart – the product launched way back then – solves my problem brilliantly. I can carry the keys I need, but in an elegant profile and nicely designed package. Sometimes better is just better. 

After using my KeySmart for 6 years, I still love it.

The KeySmart key organizer.

Fast forward to last year, as it came time to work on the design details of our new Ascender Chino, one of the problems we wanted to solve pertained to everyday carry. Whether you work in an office or in the field, everyday carry – or EDC – is all about the personal carry you use to get the job done.

Typically consisting of knives, pens, watches, flashlights, etc., the primary concepts of an EDC philosophy are utility and being prepared. There is diversity across what people choose to fill their pockets with. Except for one thing… keys. We all have to carry keys.

So as we designed the new Ascender Chino, I was adamant that we had to solve the ideal place to carry a set of keys. The result is a small multi-tool utility pocket in the front right of the pant that perfectly fits a KeySmart – or some other tool of choice, like a knife or small light. (Read more about the pockets and features in Meet the Ascender Chino.)

As we approached Father’s Day, with the recent launch of the Ascender Chino, and my dad on my mind, I thought a custom KeySmart would be ideal for our annual Father’s Day gift.

We got in touch with KeySmart, and they were on board with making a special edition for Bluffworks. The result is a key holder with our chevron pattern (you’ll recognize it from our pocket fabric) and our logo.

And I’m excited to announce that from now through Father’s Day, you can receive a Bluffworks branded KeySmart free with any order of $98 or more. Just add it to your cart with the code KEYSMART.

KeySmart in travel chinos

You might not be surprised to learn that one of the associations I have with my (incredible) dad is related to tools. And organization. Lord, organization. From all the projects we worked on together, to that one knife my dad always carried sailing, my EDC approach always makes me think of my him.

While it’s undoubtedly a manufactured “Hallmark holiday,” I hope this June 16th may serve as a catalyst for more good time together, or revisiting fond memories.

May a new KeySmart find its way into your pocket, or that of someone you love.

Stefan Loble 

P.S. As hard as it is for young sons to keep secrets, word is I might be getting a laser tag set for Father’s Day this year. Yes!

P.P.S. A few details: The KeySmart offer is limited to one per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer, and is available while supplies last through Father’s Day, June 16.


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