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Why I Hated Pants So Built My Own

Stefan Loble

NYC is the city that made me hate pants.

When I first returned to the place I was born, the pace of life here, combined with intense fashion requirements - and oh, a newborn son - meant I had no time to care for my wardrobe. I had to be presentable, but refused to spend $10 on dry cleaning.

Have you ever noticed that the pants you pay to dry clean always wrinkle right after you put them on? And that they make you sweat? Me too.

The year was 2012, and I was fresh off of a couple of years living in Southeast Asia where I had gotten used to utilitarian clothes. I wore traditional travel clothes, because it always seemed to be raining or smoking hot as I rode my motorbike to work. Or often, both.

Back in NYC, there was no way my travel clothes would fly in the office environment. So, I had to do something. My problem was my pants. But, not anymore...

All Of Our Pants

Now, everything we make - including all our pants for men and women - achieve these goals:

  1. Look great: Our unique fabrics are everything. We utilize high tech materials that conceal technology deep within, which means you're always ready for the office (or looking presentable straight off that future flight-to-Paris).
  2. Be comfortable: Soft materials, high breathability and stretch are built into all our garments, whether you're looking to go casual; or are on the hunt for the most comfortable dress pants.
  3. Be easy care: Everything Bluffworks makes is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant, including our blazers.
  4. Carry your stuff: 10 years after we first put in our dedicated phone pocket into a pair of pants, I am reminded “what would I do without it?” - especially when I sit on a hard train seat or get on my bike, my phone is secure.

Before we took on improving such a basic item of clothing, I felt like: "is this too much to ask for?" These problems hadn't been solved (like how to make something be soft yet durable at the same time) because they weren't easy to address. By now, the years of development and failed prototypes are all behind us. Meet our current line of pants -

Ascender Chinos

The hallmark of our Ascender Chinos is the fabric which is distinctive from a typical chino because cotton doesn’t absorb moisture, doesn’t typically stretch, and comes out of the wash with wrinkles. We changed that.

Key features

  • Next level comfort: Instead of cotton, we found a great, everyday technical fabric that looks and feels like the classic design.
  • Hidden stretch waistband: Relaxed fit chinos made even easier. No one can see it, but our chinos have significant flex; like a superpower that has your back.
  • Hidden pockets: Our full system of 10 pockets to carry your stuff how you like.

Ascender 5-Pocket

Guys loved our Ascender Chinos, but wanted a more casual style - so this 5-pocket traditional design gave it a more down-to-earth appeal.

Key features:

  • Fabric: Same super-soft material as our most popular Ascender chino, restyled and available as both slim and regular fit pants.
  • 5 pocket design, plus five more: We used the classic denim style and added for a total of 10 pockets.
  • Durable and high performance pants: Keeps wrinkles, odors, and moisture away.

Gramercy Pant

The hallmark of our Gramercy fabric is that it looks and feels like wool, resulting in the most comfortable dress pants perfect for the working professional.

Key features:

  • Ultra soft: The look of wool, but softer to the hand and easier to live in.
  • Relaxed styling: Completes a suit when paired with our blazer, or a high-end casual pant when on its own.
  • Full featured pockets: All the pockets of our most loved pants, ready to stash your essentials.

Presidio Pant

Our Presidio line includes our most refined performance dress pants, with materials and details appropriate for full-on formal settings, where no version of casual will do.

Key features:

  • Elegant technical fabric: Extremely light and comfortable, with James Bond appeal.
  • Ready for movement: Non-constraining fit and stretch fabric leave the straightjacket feel of formalwear. Meet the comfy dress pants that look like anything but.
  • Comfortable: Cool and moisture wicking means comfort that blows traditional pants away.

Once we figured out men's, we heard that women wanted the same functionality in their wardrobe. No surprise. And, their #1 product request was: comfortable dress pants for women that had the same easy care, high-performance features with tons of pockets, in a stealth, stylish design.

Palma Chinos

These women’s chinos contain deceptively high tech superpowers. Made to be easy care and easy wear, they can be dressed up or down.

Key features:

  • Fabric: Quick dry, wrinkle resistant twill fabric, with the feel of cotton and four-way stretch.
  • Fit: Inspired by a traditional chino cut, these pants have slightly tapered leg and sit at the natural waist.
  • Pockets - Carrying a purse is now optional. Stash your necessities for streamlined everyday carry in this modern classic style.

Petaluma Ponte Pants

Disguised as leggings, the most comfortable dress pants women can own are our ponte pants - we like to say they are yoga inspired but office approved.

Key features:

  • Design details: Detailed leg seams add length, and a slit opening on the ankle hem adds a balanced line from the hip.
  • Fabric: Tightly woven double-knit fabric is naturally soft and wrinkle resistant.
  • Comfort: These pants have tons of stretch for all day comfort.

How Far We've Come

Back when we only offered one style of pants, people used to ask me, “how many days have you worn those in a row?”

At the time, I’d be embarrassed to say. But, then I started asking our customers, and their answers came back the same; which is to say, a lot.

It’s true that now we offer multiple pants men and women can choose from.

But thankfully, one thing remains the same: every pair is ready to take on the world, all on their own.

Bluff On,

Stefan Loble



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