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Creating the Ultimate Travel Suit

Stefan Loble

Gramercy Travel Suit in Northwest Grey


Almost as soon as we had finished designing our Original Bluffworks pants, I knew I wanted to tackle the project of creating a blazer that would tick all the same boxes: Easy to wear, easy to care for, comfortable, and great looking.

And as soon as we launched the Gramercy blazer, we started getting requests for our next project: a men's travel suit.

And it makes sense: guys want the option for stylish travel clothes that can make a complete travel suit. They need to look formal and professional when they're on a business travel trip. But of course, we didn’t want to make just any travel suit: we wanted to put together what we felt would be the best travel suit available.

That’s where the matching Gramercy pants come in, and they look amazing paired with the Gramercy blazer – a complete machine washable suit that’s so wrinkle-free, you can wear it anywhere.

And while the Gramercy pants look incredible with the blazer as a suit, both pieces also work as separates to extend your wardrobe. This is important to me — and to our Bluffworks guys — because we want to get the most out of our travel capsule wardrobe, able to wear each piece multiple times in multiple ways. Nobody wants to go to the trouble to carry a travel suit just to wear it once on the trip.

And by the way, you can forget carrying a suit garment bag on your next trip — with our Gramercy collection, you’ll never have to worry about folding a suit for travel again. Like all our products, the Gramercy pants and blazer feature multiple travel pockets and breathable, stretchable fabric that you never need to iron or dry clean. Shove both into your favorite travel bag and you’ll still come out looking great at the other end of your trip.

Bluffworks Travel Suit in Cuba


Creating the perfect travel suit

As you know, we expend a ton of time and energy in our R&D process, because we won’t bring a product to market that is anything less than amazing.

Making a suit was a new challenge for us, for a few technical reasons. Traditionally, a suit jacket and pant are cut from the same five yards of fabric at the same time — because they are sold together as a unit. Using the exact same fabric ensures a perfect match between blazer and pants every time.

But because we sell our blazer and pants separately, the inventory gets mixed up immediately. The industry term for this is “matching separates” .

Before we released it to you, we wanted to make sure we could get it right. So we worked for over six months to ensure our fabric dye lots were super consistent, which is the main reason it took so long.

Benefits of matching separates

So why did we decide to sell these as matching separates instead of as a traditional men’s travel suit?

One word: Freedom.

There are actually a lot of benefits to matching separates that you can’t get with a suit.

First of all, you can get exactly the sizes you need with minimal tailoring. Suits are generally sold with 6 inches of difference between the blazer and the pants — so if you are a 42 regular blazer, you get 36-inch waist pants along with it.

But we understand that every guy is different. Selling matching separates allows you to pick any waist size to go with any size blazer.

In addition, suits usually have unfinished-length pants, so they have to be tailored for length. With our matching separates, you can pick the exact length you want, too. And we offer the Gramercy pant in a TON of waist/length combos, so you can get the exact fit you need.

Finally, both the pants and the blazer go great with other things. Our navy blazer pairs easily with khaki chinos, and our Gramercy pants look great with our performance dress shirts.


I know that our guys put freedom at the top of their values list: freedom to travel without being slowed down by your wardrobe, freedom to wear the same pieces multiple times for multiple activities without the hassle of changing, freedom to wash and go, and the freedom to get exactly the pieces you need when you need them. 

Stefan Loble



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