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Performance T-Shirts

We combined softness with performance in a technical tee you can wear for multiple days without a wash.

UPF 50+ sun protection

Wrinkle resistant

Odor Resistant

Moisture wicking and quick drying

Threshold Crew Neck T-Shirt on model in Hawaii with SUP.

Performance T-Shirts

Threshold Crew Neck T-Shirt on model in Hawaii with SUP.

"Light, airy and held up well. Passed the smell test after wearing all day in the heat."


"Frankly, I could have traveled with just one bluff shirt, because this thing is amazing. All night in the plane, and it's fine. Heavy workout in the gym, and next morning you can't even tell."


“They are the most comfortable tshirts I have ever owned. I layer them for skiing, or just toss one on with jeans. They keep their shape after many washes and always look basically new.“

Alex W.

Threshold Polos & Tees

Starting at $52


Polyester and lyocell blend.


Quick dry, wicking and multi-day odor resistant.




Machine washable.


Availaibe in short sleeve, long sleeve and a men's polo.


Tagless labels.

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What makes our T-Shirts unique?

We’ve never encountered such a high-tech t-shirt with a natural feel. You can exercise in it one day, and pair it with chinos or under a blazer the next. Thanks to incredible anti-odor properties, you can wear it again and again to pack lighter and own fewer things.

How long will the quick dry and anti-odor capabilities last?

The Threshold T-Shirt accomplishes superior wicking and odor protection thanks to bacteria-killing gold and silver nanoparticles embedded into the fabric. So no matter how long you own it, it won’t let you down.

Why did we make the Threshold?

When we set out to design the best t-shirt, we knew it had to hit all the bases. The goal was to fill the void in our own high performance wardrobes. While we loved beautiful cotton t-shirts because they’re soft and look great, we often wore performance t-shirts because they are more technical.

We thought it was time for one that did it all.

It turns out, sometimes the simplest, most basic items can be the hardest to innovate. For well over a year we rejected fabrics that didn’t meet our aesthetic standard. While at the same time through testing, we destroyed anything we found reasonably soft with a natural feel. We refused to put out a t-shirt that didn’t completely meet our goal. After some 50 failures, we finally arrived at the Threshold T-Shirt, the one that does it all.

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Notify me when this size is back in stock.