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Why I Built The Bluffworks Blazer

Stefan Loble

Have you ever tried to travel with a blazer?

I have, and I've got two words for you: Not. Fun.

Maybe you packed one on a trip where for a single night, you needed to look a little finer.  Maybe you thought it would make a good extra layer. But whatever your plan, that blazer did not live up to its side of the bargain.

That was me, and the blazers I owned were cramping my travel style, big time.

A grey blazer + blue blazer with hidden pockets holding cash, a passport, tablet + notepad.

Enough Was Enough

I was tired of hot, heavy, uninspired blazers that cost me an arm and a leg to dry clean. That I couldn't make look good without wrinkles, no matter what I did.

I wanted a blazer I didn’t have to baby. That didn’t require I carry a whole other piece of luggage on my trip. I’m all about backpacks, not garment bags.

I wanted something that wasn’t so old school, that felt like it was made for me and my active lifestyle, not out to tie me down for some formal occasion.

I wanted a blazer I could wear nonstop, and that would keep me warm on a plane, looking good in the office, styled on the street, and ready for a nice restaurant or museum anytime.

Lastly, it needed to be equipped with secure pockets and hidden travel features ready for wherever I went in it, inside, outside, or upside down.

I needed a blazer made for my life.

So I Made One

But, it wasn't done overnight. After years of R&D and a trash heap full of not good enoughs, we finally hit the mark.

The result is amazing. And now I’m making them for you, too.

We sent a few advance samples to a couple of reviewers. And our most common feedback? Their spouses said, “Wow, you look incredible in that jacket… You should never take it off.”

I understand, as I wear mine all the time… On my bike, under my seat belt in an airline seat, squashed in a hot subway car. And I never worry about damaging the blazer, or that it won’t look good when I come out the other end.

This is exactly what I wanted to create. The one blazer you and I will ever need.

We put it on Kickstarter to introduce it to the world, and it completely took off. Check out the video to see it for yourself:

Interested? You can get your hands on one here.

I truly can’t wait to see what you do in it.


Stefan Loble 



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