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The Spirit of Good Adventure

Stefan Loble

When I look at this picture, it’s not the “travel” I remember. It’s the boat.

It had:

  • No rudder to steer by – use the paddle.
  • No keel to maintain a heading – tough to go upwind.
  • No attachment for the main sheet (line that controls to the sail) – hold it in your hand, alongside the rudder.

I learned it was more of a canoe than a sailboat, and is really meant for going downwind. Hence, me pushing it.  Ha.

As I wrestled with this thing, I had this burst of past memories on boats. From how my dad used to intentionally tip my Sunfish so I would get used to capsizing, to hitchhiking my way across the Atlantic, somehow, struggling with this age-old canoe felt like the culmination of everything I’d ever sailed before.

Here’s my message to you: whatever your passion is, chase it now. 

I’m not saying take on travel you feel uncomfortable with. Instead, find the best stuff at home. 

Great trips for me are always about how creative, challenging and unexpected they are. I know the magic comes easier in far off lands; but the ingredients of adventure are not unique to those places. They’re in our town too. We just get used to not seeing them.

As we enter the new year, I send you good wishes for this moment. While you are dreaming of your next big trip, here's to finding the spark of your best, most undiluted self back home.

Happy 2021.

You’re going to see some changes in communication from us. As you may have already noticed, we’re going back to our roots. I hope you like it.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble 


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    Notify me when this size is back in stock.