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The Machine Washable Suit

Stefan Loble

The machine washable suit, worn on a crisp fall day in New York.

At some point in our lives, most guys have to travel with a suit. Maybe for a business trip, or a wedding — or just because they want to look good for that one special night out on vacation.

But traveling with a traditional suit is a hassle. There you are, with some beautiful, expensive thing that 1) cost you money to dry clean before you even left, and 2) will be hammered 5 minutes after you put it on.

Our lives move fast, and there’s no way I am willing to expend a bunch of energy to protect my travel suit. Dragging a garment bag? Forget about it.

Enter the Gramercy Travel Suit.

Part 1: Our Machine Washable Blazer

Our machine washable blazer, with a fabric that looks and feels like wool.

Go back in time a couple of years, and we were already making pants that earned a place in our customers’ travel wardrobe. Our next frontier was the blazer.

Of course, if a stylish, wrinkle free, washable blazer — that was actually soft and looked like wool — were easy to make, it would already exist.

We launched ours on Kickstarter in 2016 and our guys have been putting it through the ringer ever since. Here’s a taste of what they’re saying:

“I fly 150k+ miles per year, international and U.S. domestic flights. I’ve used several travel blazers in the past, and none of them compare to this blazer. Wear it, roll it up and store it, pack it, it doesn't matter. Every time I put it on, it looks like it came off the rack. It's comfortable, flexible and looks great with a pair of jeans and boots. I write this review after 9 months of owning this blazer. Great buy and worth every penny.” 

- Ty L.

“I was measured to have a suit custom made for me in Bangkok for my daughter's wedding.

Having had the Bluffworks blazer since the initial Kickstarter, and having worn it in my travels around the world as well day to day, I kept coming back to it as my choice for the walk down the aisle with my daughter. My newly made suit came back and I just could not warm up to it. The Bluffworks blazer just fit me perfectly and even after a few years of being stuffed in my backpack and wearing it around town, looked better than the the custom made jacket.

It was an easy choice in the end. It and the travel Bluffworks pants were a perfect fit, look and feel for the day. Perfect all the way around."

- Paul K.

“I traveled to Europe from Chicago for almost 3 weeks and the blazer was my only jacket. I had it crumpled up in the plane and train overheads. I used it as a pillow on both. I wore it in light rain. It was great, I am so happy I brought it with me. It looked great with my casual and less casual outfits. It has such a great feel to it especially for how low maintenance it is. Big thumbs up!”

- Matthew F.

“My husband decided to buy the whole suit and has worn it consistently since the purchase. First, the fit is extremely sleek and gives the impression of a very high quality and expensive suit. Personally, this is my favorite suit he's ever worn. My husband constantly raves about how comfortable the pants and jacket are and loves the added bonus of not having to trek them back and forth to the dry cleaners. After only owning the suit for about a month, he is currently planning his next purchase.”

- Trina H.

I can’t get enough of those quotes.

But what about washing? Before we launched the blazer, guys were like, “Can I really throw it in the washing machine?” So the night before our Kickstarter debut, I headed to a laundromat to make a late night video.  

A quick tour of the pockets. Our travel blazer has 10 total:

  • Left breast pocket with dedicated spot for a phone and a pen
  • Right breast pocket zippered for security
  • Two lower inside hip pockets sized for an iPad Mini
  • Hidden interior credit card / cash security pocket
  • Two exterior pockets hip pockets
  • Chest pocket
  • Hidden inside back pocket for cash, tickets, or maps

Part 2: The Matching Machine Washable Dress Pants

Our machine washable dress pants look formal, but are ready for anything.

As soon as we launched the blazer, the first thing our guys said was, “Where are the matching pants?”

So we developed pants that match the blazer and are ready to go anywhere. They include our trademark travel features, such as:

  • Two front internal hidden zippered security pockets
  • One zippered pocket on the rear large enough for a travel wallet
  • Dedicated phone pocket right below the waistband (so you’re not sitting on it in transit)

The pants are made out of the same cool, breathable, wrinkle free fabric as our suit. Many guys find them to be our most comfortable and softest pant of all.

We finally solved the travel suit problem.

“These are my favorite pants. They are comfortable, soft and not heavy. They have enough stretch to move with me and feel as good as my favorite sweatpants (though not as loose). I've worn them in cold weather and hot weather and they work great in both. Rarely need washing. Have a beautiful texture that matches the suit well. Seem durable (although probably slightly less durable than the chinos) and have stayed great through over 100 wears.

The phone pocket is great, the zipper pockets are useful and not noticeable or colored differently than the rest of the pant (like they are on the originals).

Thanks Bluffworks for the great pants." 

- Andrew E.

“I have every pair of Bluffworks pants. I have been very impressed with each iteration. But these latest ones are absolutely the best yet. They are not kidding when they say that they're their softest pants yet. I love The Originals wear them everyday. The Chinos are great too but these are a little bit more relaxed than the Chinos which is something I like. When I put on the Gramercy Pants I immediately thought that they were one of these softest, best fitting, most comfortable pants I had ever put on.”

- Kevin

Packing a Suit for Travel

Finally... packing a suit doesn’t mean extra hassle. Here’s how you do it.

Method 1: Shove it in your bag.  The Gramercy travel suit comes out of any bag looking great. (I know lots of guys who carry it in a backpack — myself included.)

Method 2: Wear it on the plane. I always get better service when traveling in a suit, and I’m gratified every time I buckle my seatbelt over the blazer and it comes out the other end looking fine. You can sleep in it no problem, and I often wear it as an extra layer when the plane is cold.

Method 3: Wash it when you get there. Piece of cake.

Guys still ask me how to travel with a suit. And I’m like, it’s not that complicated. You don’t need a suit bag or travel garment bag. Not anymore.

But honestly, the part of the suit that always gets the strongest reaction is how good it looks. The fabric is incredible. Our customers tell us about the compliments they get all the time.

“The Gramercy suit [is] so comfortable that there's no reason to avoid wearing it. You're not supposed to look this good while traveling light."

- Andrew E.

Check it out and let me know if you agree.



Bluff on,


Stefan Loble


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