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The Best Plain T-Shirts for Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Stefan Loble

The idea behind a minimalist wardrobe is to identify your personal capsule wardrobe list; a collection that pairs your apparel down to only what you truly need.

Imagine a group of tried and true pieces you can reach for again and again, but mix and match to express yourself. That’s what you’re after. And, far and away, the foundation of the best minimalist wardrobe has to be the perfect plain t-shirt.

When we set out to design the best t-shirt, we knew it had to hit all the bases. The goal was to fill the void in our own high performance wardrobes. While we loved beautiful cotton t-shirts because they’re soft and look great, we often wore performance t-shirts because they are more technical.

We thought it was time for one that did it all.

It turns out, sometimes the simplest, most basic items can be the hardest to innovate. For well over a year we rejected fabrics that didn’t meet our aesthetic standard. While at the same time through testing, we destroyed anything we found reasonably soft with a natural feel. We refused to put out a t-shirt that didn’t completely meet our goal. After some 50 failures, we finally arrived at the Threshold T-Shirt, the one that does it all.

It’s hard to imagine a capsule wardrobe that doesn’t have an impressive t-shirt. And, it’s hard to imagine owning one tee to look good in, and another for active pursuits, because BOOM… there goes your minimalist wardrobe.

You wouldn’t believe how hard I wear the Threshold. One day it’s on a run; the next to coffee in the city, with a quick hang dry in between. Its anti-odor superpowers are impressive, and mean you can get by owning fewer, high quality things. 

It’s our workhorse, for sure. We hope you’ll agree.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble

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