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Our Stretch Waistbands Compared

Stefan Loble

Here’s a dream: we want to wear the ultimate, most stretchy and softest waistband with our pants. Partly for heroic feasts and partly because it’s so much more comfortable everyday.

But, we don’t want to wear sweatpants.

Which is why we used a wide array of stretch waistband technology to build comfort into our performance pants and shorts that matches the style and needs of each garment. But, as each product called for a different approach, we’re here to explain the differences so you can choose what’s best for you.

Understand The Challenge

To start, it might be helpful to understand a little bit about how a waistband is constructed and the challenge of making it stretch.

Adding stretch meets three constraints:

#1 - Waistband Construction - You probably noticed that a waistband is thicker and more structured than other parts of your pants. That’s not just because there are two layers of fabric, but because they also have an interfacing that adds structure. In order to be comfortable, this whole construction needs to do its job of maintaining its shape, while stretching too.

#2 - Appearance - Your performance chinos wouldn’t look right with a big elastic waistband, so we have to use something more subtle that matches your pants style.

#3 - Fabric - Even if you wanted to add the stretchiest waistband in the world, your pants can only expand as much as the fabric it is attached to.

Our Goal

Ascender Chino waistband detail- Walnut Brown

Ascender Chino - Walnut Brown

We set out to add a unique amount of stretch to each pair of pants we own.

We wanted to build-in comfort stretch to our most popular travel pants - the Ascender chino and shorts.

We wanted to provide a higher level of more technical stretch matching the 4-way stretch Envoy lightweight travel pant.

And lastly, we wanted to produce the most comfortable dress pants in the form of our Presidio Airline pants. If you were to imagine the best suit pant to wear on a long-haul flight, it would have to have a comfortable waistband. So that’s what we did.

Product Details

Ascender Chino waistband detail. Matte Navy

Comfort Stretch - Ascender Chino

  • Outside facing:  Main fabric.
  • Inside facing:  Main fabric.
  • Amount of stretch:  Generous extra give for comfortable wear.

*Notes:  The stretch in the Ascender is like a secret gift you didn’t know was there. Known for being the most natural combination of a technical pant with a soft hand feel, everything about the Ascender is classic and natural looking. Which is why hiding the stretch inside the waistband is such a benefit. While the smallest amount of stretch in this guide, it is significant. You’ll feel it as you button them every time you put them on.


 Envoy Pants Waistband Detail - Hazy Grey

    High Stretch - Envoy Lightweight Travel Pant

    • Outside facing:  Main fabric.
    • Inside facing:  Elastic waistband.
    • Amount of stretch: Elastic waistband type stretch, but concealed.

    * Notes:  With the Envoy being a slightly more technical travel pant, it deserved more stretch. We inserted an elastic waistband to be consistent with the 4-way stretch of the Envoy’s material; resulting in a high stretch waistband that has a soft grip and excellent recovery.


     Airline Pant waistband detail - Ash Grey

      Downright Stretchy - Presidio Airline Pant

      • Outside facing:  Knit back panel, main fabric front.
      • Inside facing:  Knit back panel, main fabric front.
      • Amount of stretch: Sweatpant level of stretch in the back.

      *Notes: The objective of our Presidio Airline pant was to place the business in the front, and the party in the back. We used the main fabric for a flat-front style to present a clean formal pant, and then added a color matched elastic knit waistband in the back for comfort. It’s a stretch waistband pant that looks great in a suit, or alone with a dress shirt tucked in. 



      If we were shopping with you, we might suggest you choose the main pant first looking for the features and style that match your occasion; and then rest assured that we have comfort in your waistband in mind.

      But, if waistband is one of your main selection criteria, we hope this guide helps. With each pant we have you covered. 

      For further information, we hope you’ll email us at: We’d love to hear from you.


      Stefan Loble


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