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Our Suit Pants, Three Ways

Stefan Loble

Bluffworks Suit Pants


Whether you wear a suit every day or at most once a year, I think suit pants are men’s wardrobe essentials. That’s because they can be incredibly versatile, acting as classic suit pants or more casual men’s slacks, depending on the color and how you style them.

Of course, if you have to baby them and send them into the dry cleaner’s every other minute, that will hold you back, which is why investing in a great pair of washable dress pants is key.

Our Gramercy Pants fit the bill as washable men’s dress pants that also match our Gramercy Blazer for a full suit look. Wear them alone with a button-down shirt (like one of our Meridian Shirts) for a casual look; pair them with a Gramercy Blazer for a business casual event or a night out; or add a great tie and a pocket square for a more formal, polished look.

So the only question left is: Which color should you get? Here are some things to consider:

Blue Hour

According to most stylists, your first suit (or only suit if you don’t wear them often) shouldn’t be black — it should be navy. The reason is, navy is a much more versatile. It’s conservative enough for a job interview, yet fun enough to wear on a night out. You can wear the blazer and slacks without a tie and fit in at any business casual event, or dress it up for anything that doesn’t require a tux.

A great pair of navy dress slacks are good for the guy who wants to blend in, and let his actions to stand out more than his clothes. But they’re also great for the fashion-forward guy because you can easily add pops of color or pattern that will look great against the background of the blue. I like to wear them with our Meridian Shirt in Peak Blue Tattersall.

Our Blue Hour Gramercy slacks are a rich navy color that looks modern and polished. I guarantee you’ll feel right at home in just about any situation wearing these pants separately or as a full suit.

Gotham Grey

If you don’t enjoy navy, a dark grey color like our Gotham Grey is equally versatile without feeling as boring as black.

Our Gotham Grey washable dress slacks look fantastic with the Deep Blue Mini Check alone, paired with the matching Gramercy Blazer, or dressed up with a killer tie for those important interviews or presentations. And a dark grey suit is formal enough for anything that doesn’t require a top hat and tails — from your best friend’s wedding to meeting a trade ambassador.

Dark grey is the easiest color to match, and goes well with a variety of colors which makes it a really versatile addition to a men’s capsule wardrobe

Northwest Grey

Maybe the most striking and fashion-forward option is our Northwest Grey suit pants. The lighter color is great especially good for warmer climates, and a nice way to break up the monotony of wearing the more common shades of navy and dark grey. They’re a great option for a capsule wardrobe, too, because they’re so versatile.

Getting a matching Gramercy Blazer in the Northwest Grey really makes a statement. And light grey dress pants are a good backdrop if you like to wear patterned shirts or ties, to let those fashion details really pop. I love to wear my Northwest Grey Gramercy Pants with the Highland Grey Check.

So really, finding the right pair of suit pants is as much about preference as it is about lifestyle. We think any of these three options will be a great choice and if you need help deciding, just reach out to

Bluff On,


Stefan Loble


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