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Bluffworks Originals: The Hot Weather Pants

Stefan Loble

Stefan wearing Bluffworks Originals - the best pants for hot weather - in Cuba.


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I recently made my way to Cuba – land of classic cars, breathtaking countryside, and an urban Havana that demands style. But Cuba also has one other thing: high heat.

On this trip, our Original travel pants served me well. Galloping horses, taking a nap in the dirt, and riding in fashionable old cars were all on the agenda. And our Originals hung with me every step of the way, reinforcing what we think are the best pants for hot weather.

This is the first product I ever made. And people tell us they love them because they’re a cool and breathable pant, that isn’t too thin or drape-y. Throw in the ability to go from dusty to refined at the drop of a hat, and the choice of what to pack for a trip becomes easy.

Here’s a look back to what it was like to be in Cuba. I know that politically, it’s since gotten a little more complicated to visit, but isn’t impossible. I’d go again in a heartbeat…

Stefan wearing Bluffworks Originals - the best pants for hot weather - while riding horses in Cuba.

A Cuban tobacco farmer works in the sun.

In Cuba, Stefan wears Bluffworks Originals in Khaki - the best pants for hot weather.

In Cuba, Stefan wears Bluffworks Originals in Khaki - the best pants for hot weather - while driving oxen in a cart.

The countryside outside Vinales has fantastic limestone outcroppings dotting a network of farms. While there, we rode horses fast, galloping through tobacco fields. One of the things I love most about traveling outside the US is that I can do something for real. Actually ride a horse, not just sit on it during some group tour. We got up before dawn to cover some distance, and Vinales did not disappoint.

In Cuba, Stefan takes a nap in the dirt while wearing his Bluffworks Originals in Khaki.

A day later, now back in the city, I was ready. Havana has style, but walking around takes energy and creates heat. Because I’m not willing to go so far as to wear one thing before the sun sets, and another outfit after it does, I need lightweight men’s pants that keep me cool, but don’t make me feel out of place. This isn’t the 1800s, and I’m not traveling with a raft of attendants, all schlepping trunks. So our Originals help me play the part.

Traffic in Havana, Cuba.

Stefan wears his Bluffworks Originals while driving a classic car in Cuba.

Sunset on the waterfront in Cuba.

Stefan wears the Bluffworks Blazer while having a cocktail at an elegant outdoor restaurant in Cuba.

A few hours after the sun dropped, Havana was ON. We nabbed the last table at a highly demanded rooftop restaurant. And then hit the clubs.

All I can tell you is that Cubans feel the music for real. It’s not that they like to dance. They have to. It makes me think twice about my priorities, and wonder if I should reorganize my entire life around living in the moment. I guess that’s what travel does.

Soaking up the nightlife at a dancehall in Cuba.

This whole story fits right into why I created our Originals. I wanted a pair of highly breathable pants that could do everything, from thriving in the dusty countryside one day, to looking stylish in town the next. All so I could carry less, do more, and fit in wherever I go. 

Our Originals are the reason I started it all.

Stefan Loble



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