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Meet our Packing Cubes

Stefan Loble

Our product development process is driven by frustration. Something drives me crazy, and eventually, I have to find a better solution. So far, we’ve innovated on options for clothing — from pants to blazers to t-shirts, for men and (more recently) women. 

Now, we’re preparing to release a solution that is our first foray into luggage: a better set of packing cubes. For anything this big, we like to return to our roots with a Kickstarter campaign — this will be our fifth product on the platform. 

(UPDATE: Our Kickstarter has successfully closed, but the BluffCubes are now available for purchase.)

Here is a sneak peek of our cubes and what makes them unique.

How They Work

I'm a fan of packing cubes and use them often (for travel and in regular life, to carry snacks, cords, and other gear, in addition to clothes).

But I hated how other compression bags have to be packed a certain way to work — if they’re not full, there’s no compression, and all I end up with is a loose, saggy bag. Plus, sometimes the zippers fail. I wanted something that would compress at any size and was made with quality materials.

I’ve been working on this project for over a year, and I’m excited to share our BluffCubes with you.

Our compression packing cubes are designed so that you can compact them as tightly as you want, regardless of how full they are (or aren’t). 

We also made it easy to see and access what’s inside, thanks to mesh side panels and a full-length side zip.

The Design

Packing Cubes

Design drawings of the BluffCube Pro, and the five colors of the BluffCube Sport.

I like packing cubes that have a bit of structure. As a result, we offer the BluffCube Pro in a lightweight brushed polyester that holds its shape.

We also developed the BluffCube Sport, made with an even lighter fabric, which has minimal structure.

The Pro comes in a matte grey, and the Sport comes in five colors. The BluffCube will be available in two sizes — small and large — in the same dimensions for both the Pro and Sport.

Our compression works like this: fill the cube from the top, close the flap, pull the strap to compress the contents inside, and seal the velcro flat. This design approach allows you to achieve the compression you need every time.

When I’m on a trip, as I take items out of my travel cubes, I can pull on the strap to keep the cube compact, even as it gets smaller. Finally.

The Materials

Packing Cubes details

Detailed photos of the Pro (grey) and the Sport (blue, black).


The only difference between our Pro and Sport packing cubes is the main fabric. All the BluffCubes have the same mesh side panels and trims. 


  • Strap: soft, lightweight but durable polyester webbing
  • Hardware: electroplated alloy metal adjustable slide
  • Fastener: super low profile hook & loop, won’t catch or snag your clothes
  • Zipper: full length side zip for easy access
  • Top loop: same fabric as the cube itself (size Small cubes)
  • Top handle: same fabric as the strap (size Large cubes)

The Campaign

Gramercy Blazer

Products we launched on Kickstarter: Gramercy Blazer, Meridian Shirt, Originals.

Meridian ShirtOriginals

You may already be familiar with our story: Once upon a time, my wife and I moved to Vietnam to live abroad before we had our son. I loved the experience — and the ease of wearing travel clothes.

A few years later, living in New York City working an office job with a daily bike commute, I grew frustrated with the clothing options available to me. Finally, I decided to make a better pair of pants. I launched a Kickstarter campaign that got more than thousand backers, and Bluffworks was born.

Now, we’re returning to the platform to launch our packing cubes. That means the project backers will be the first to receive their BluffCubes — and at a reduced price. Once we’ve fulfilled those orders, the cubes will be available for sale on our site like all our other products.

Kickstarter is an important part of our company’s history, and it’s a special platform for me. The funding from the first campaigns enabled me to make our Original pants and start Bluffworks. But beyond that, the community is incredible. 

Kickstarter backers are enthusiastic, supportive, and demanding. They’re excited for innovative ideas and solutions, and very detail oriented. We’ve had many repeat backers, and that means a lot to me.

Over the course of our previous four campaigns, we raised a total of over $750K and are in the top 2.7% of campaigns on Kickstarter. But it’s not easy to succeed on the platform, and this project will be a new challenge: a different (competitive) product category and price point.

Luggage is a crowded market, and this is a tricky time to be launching a travel product — but I believe we’ve made something truly new and unique. Our cubes are designed to support all your adventures, whether they’re close to home or further afield. I hope you and the broader Kickstarter community will agree. I’ll be anxious to find out.

Our BluffCubes Kickstarter campaign is now live. Join the campaign and make a pledge before September 8th to claim your set before they're available anywhere else. We can’t wait to hear what you think.


Bluff on,


Stefan Loble 


P.S. We definitely need help spreading the word about the campaign — if you have a large social following, know someone who does, or have contacts in the media who might be interested in getting the word out and reviewing the cubes, please let us know by emailing Thanks for the support, and having our back while we tackle new summits.


Stefan climbing the cliffside


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