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Me On The Pitch Podcast… Whoa.

Stefan Loble

Stefan Loble presenting on The Pitch Podcast in San Francisco.

Photo: Stephen Yang for The Pitch

You may recall, I’ve been raising money to fund the growth of Bluffworks.

Based on the last response to our “How I Fund Bluffworks” post, I knew that I had to follow up with you on my process for raising capital.

This is a special chapter. One of the tools I used to raise funds was a podcast called The Pitch. It’s where real entrepreneurs pitch real investors, much like Shark Tank for audio, but more rigorous.

Listen to Bluffworks: This Pitch is Damn Near Perfect (#39) here:

The Pitch is an amazing podcast, one whose release I await eagerly every Wednesday. I identify deeply with the stories of other business. But furthermore, the team at The Pitch are masters at bringing the whole saga together, and they tell an entrepreneur's story with a power one rarely sees.

The investors ask questions for The Pitch podcast.

Photo: Stephen Yang for The Pitch

I have to tell you that the morning of the show, I was feeling blah. The combination of travel plus working too hard had me a bit off my game.

Why was I so nervous? Sure, I needed to secure capital from the investors. But, my feelings went beyond that.

As an adult, there aren’t many times when we face such a public evaluation; I was being asked to stand up and reveal the sum total of my knowledge after six years of running Bluffworks. The question was, as entrepreneur, am I worth my salt?

Take a listen - the episode is now in the books, so you can see what we’ve been doing behind the scenes. As the host, Josh Muccio said, “If this isn’t a story of a scrappy entrepreneur, I don’t know what is.”

Wow, that put wind in my sails. 

Listen to Bluffworks: This Pitch is Damn Near Perfect (#39) here:

Bluff on,


Stefan Loble 

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