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Hug Your Mom

Stefan Loble

If the past year was hardest on anyone, it has to be our moms. Between remote learning, balancing work with home life, adjusting to having kids at home - or being unexpectedly far apart - moms across the world adapted to an incredible amount of stress and change. Thankfully, the pressure has eased up a bit - and fast forward to today, there is a level of closeness and ease we can finally share with our loved ones.

In celebration of a better moment this Mother’s Day, our team reached out to the moms in their lives and gifted them a super soft Threshold T-Shirt so they could go for a hug with family or just to feel cozy and say thanks from a distance. We spoke to some moms about the past year and despite the many challenges, they all spoke to a silver lining of becoming more connected with family.

Here’s a bit about what they shared.

“The year 2020 brought a realization that nothing is promised, and that I should take nothing for granted.  Thank goodness being a mom kept me rooted when I did not know would happen next; what new unexpected events we would wake up to. In the midst of all that, my three daughters remained kind, funny and caring human beings who made it through the year with their health, spirit and hearts intact." - Lynn H.

“The perspective that came with quarantining with my family is something I hope to carry with me forever. I feel deep gratitude for being able to be together, for benefitting from my kiddo's positivity and resilience in the face of challenges, for the chance to get bored together and the opportunities for creativity and play that brought with it." - 
Susan G.

“I can't imagine how hard it would have been to go through 2020 alone. I'm so grateful to have spent it with my family. It was incredibly hard but watching my children's resilience and joy for the small things, plus my husband's silly sense of humor got me through months of isolation. I'm forever in awe of them.” - 
Lauren K.

“The silver lining of Covid for me was having our adult children at home for longer than a holiday weekend.  Being together as a family was priceless.” - 
Susan K.F.

In 2020, I was grateful for the liveliness in our home as well as our home being a safe and comfortable place for our family in a time of so many uncertainties. In 2021, we are looking forward to inviting friends over to join in the fun.” - Tricia K.

With all the difficulties this year brought, it forced us to slow down and reflect on what truly matters.

So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we ask you to hug your mom. And if you can’t be there in person, we’re extending the same gift to you. When you buy one t-shirt (or spend a minimum of $45), we will send you a unique code to send someone else a t-shirt absolutely free. 

Whether you place an order for your mom; get the shirt and mail it yourself; or simply send her the secret discount code for her to order. 

There is absolutely no way that our t-shirt will replace hugging your mom. But I like the idea of her having something she will love, that makes her think of you every time she puts it on; like my family does when they wear products from Bluffworks.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble

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