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How I’m Thinking About the New Year

Stefan Loble

Because 2021 won't flip a switch on our situation, it may feel like something of a confusing time to celebrate. But, there is a psychological opportunity to be had at a point of transition. And every year, we make New Year's that big moment.

Here’s what I realized...the end of something is always cause for celebration, whether we're coming off of “that was great!” Or, “thank goodness, it’s over”. Either way, it’s worth capping the moment.

So, here’s my recipe for looking back on meaningful milestones in 2020. 

First, I’ll begin with taking stock.

Inventory the good; inventory the bad. In contrast to our default go-go pace, we can’t generate perspective without absorbing the situation.

Second, I plan to look at my response to this moment.

I can’t sugarcoat that any assessment against my own ideal of me in the crisis will reveal some gaps. I often imagine what I would do during a big historical shock. Time of war? Join the resistance. The Great Depression? Sell something on the street. Now, lo and behold, here we are in an actual historical event, which shows how oversimplified my above answers were. Regardless, that’s how I tick, so it’s time to apply that viewpoint to this moment’s reality.

The last is, I intend to look outside my circle.

Not everyone is doing OK. And although I have my arms full keeping Bluffworks alive, and my family on the level, I can do more for the larger community. When I feel too full to take on more, I remind myself that our connections with others make us feel less alone, and we typically receive back more than we give.

As for the actual New Year’s Eve, I anticipate my family will play a board game. Maybe watch something silly. Then be up early for a NYC bike ride on a brand new, New Year’s day.

I hope the end of 2020 is - given your own circumstances - as good of a moment as it can be.

Bluff on,

Stefan Loble 


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