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Are You Even Wearing Pants?

Stefan Loble

Are you even wearing pants right now?


I started Bluffworks because pants were my biggest pain point on a daily basis — I wanted performance clothing that could keep up with my lifestyle and still looked good for work. It’s a little ironic right now because at the moment, all that really matters is what I’m wearing from the waist up.

On the one hand, I strongly believe life is more important than fashion — our experiences and activities matter most. And right now, there are much bigger, challenging things happening in the world. So it really doesn’t matter what we’re wearing.

But what we wear also communicates our identity to people around us. And that is special, too. It’s always been a significant part of the human experience. No matter how far back we go back in history, we find examples of cultural expression through objects we wear.

Plus, our outfit can impact how we think and feel in a moment — our comfort, our confidence, our personality. I’ve long wanted to do a blog post about whether fashion matters because I could argue both sides of it in a debate. (This is not yet that post.) 

My feelings on the subject also reflect where we stand on that subject as a company: we want to empower adventures and hero’s journeys. We want to make our lives big and keep our closets contained. But we also want to look great.

Today, life looks different than it did even just a few weeks ago. Even though many members of our team were already remote, it’s still been a big shift to close our office and showroom. And not only am I working from home, so is my wife, and our son is here attending school virtually.

Now I do most of my zoom conferences from the bathroom — my personal call booth because it’s one of the quiet, private places available in our NYC apartment. And for me, it still feels good to get dressed for work each day. I’m making important decisions about my business that impact a lot of people, and I want to show up for those conversations the right way.

So it helps that I can put on comfortable work clothes — our amazing blazer or performance dress shirt — and look like a CEO (white tile background notwithstanding). I can even rewear the same shirt several days in a row. And thank goodness I don’t need to go to the dry cleaner.



It’s an uncertain time for the world. What matters most is taking care of ourselves and each other. 


Bluff on,

Stefan Loble


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