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Bluffworks Photo Contest Winners 2023

Stefan Loble

We are pleased to announce the winners of Bluffworks' 2023 Annual Photo Contest. 

Thank you to everyone who participated. Seeing glimpses of your travels far and wide made the pleasure all ours.

This year, we chose the winning photos that most powerfully transported us to a moment or a place. 

Here we go --

3rd Place: Jay in Ibiza ($125 Bluffworks gift card)

3rd prize photo winner.

Shot by Jay in Ibiza, he described this photo as "Getting lost as usual". He elaborated that "We were downtown wandering around drinking cervezas before heading to the beach. Got a bit lost and my friend, snapped this pic with the amazing hillside homes."


2nd Place: Bill in Brazil ($250 Bluffworks gift card)

2nd prize photo winner

Bill shot this sunrise Fisherman at Ilha de Santa Catarina in Florinopolis, Brazil while visiting for 10 days. He said "the sunrises were so incredible, I was up for all of them!"

1st Place: Martin in Cairo ($500 Bluffworks gift card)

1st Prize photo winner.

Congratulations to Martin, who took our favorite pic this year!

He captioned it: "A camel trainer receives a kiss from his camel as they wait for tourists to arrive at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt".  

Honorable Mention: Brian in Bozeman (Threshold T-Shirt)

We got so excited by this story, we added an honorable mention fourth prize --

On a visit to Bozeman, Brian was surprised by his daughter with an impromptu multi-pitch climb up the Gallatin Tower to celebrate his birthday.

"Little did I know that she would surprise me with a bbq after topping out this multi-pitch, courtesy of equipment and supplies regularly stowed there by climbers throughout the season."

From the photo you can see, he used precisely the right amount of lighter fluid.

"Despite the near inferno we were able to descend with full bellies and a memory of a lifetime. PS: made this climb in my Bluffworks Ascender Chinos as shown."

Thanks for the classic Bluffworks story!

Here is a sample of some of the other fun images we received.


Some of our favorite contest photos

Thank you to everyone that entered.

See you next year!

Stefan Loble



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