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Our 2021 Gift Guide

Stefan Loble

To me, planning for big travels in 2022 is a combination of dreaming, training, and getting better organized. This year’s holiday gift list is designed to help you provide inspiration - or organization - to the ones you love.

Travel Gear

Matador Backpack

This packable daypack by Matador is the perfect solution to having an extra backpack / daypack with you, for what seems like almost no weight at 136 grams.

Compression Socks

Compression socks make me feel fantastic on long flights and help with athletic recovery. These ones by Comrad make compression socks cool, and are a gift that can open the benefits of compression to someone new.

Coma Toe Slippers

When I travel, slippers are a decadent luxury. These lightweight, packabe versions for men and women are a great - and seldom thought of - addition to your loved one’s bag.


BluffCube Compression Packing Cubes (Pro & Sport)
From $26 

Among the many packing cubes out there, our BluffCube made its mark. Its compression top and full side access zipper make it both the most compressible and accessible packing cube we’ve seen. Perfect for travel and outdoor trips, alike.


ICON Laptop Sleeve

Basic laptop sleeve right? Not so fast. This one has a durable, but also beautiful fabric weave and a full wrap around rubber bumper, all with a small, minimalist profile.


Mighty Bright Book Light

I always pack one of these lights with me when I travel, and find they're an easy gift when you can’t see in hotel rooms with poor lighting. PS. They work great on a plane too.


Light Phone

The whole purpose of the light phone is to disconnect. This can help your loved one achieve the distance they are looking for, without falling off the map.


Mincing Mockingbird Journals

I find these journals inspiring. I carry the “Dope Rhymes” version, because you know - that’s what I put in my journal. Pick the right message, and your loved one will carry it with pride.


Universal Charging Cable

This cord can be the backup version you stash to never be without. Or, it can be the daily go-to that addresses all your needs. They offer both short and long versions, both of which make great gifts for bailing out someone in a pinch.


Magware Flatware

If you know someone who is always on the go, I’ve spent years looking for the best reusable cutlery to pack in my bag. These are my current favorites, with all three pieces that are just right - and pack down small.


Tactical Spork

The only drawback of metal utensils is that they cause havoc at airport security. For those moments, I carry this plastic version, which I’ve never had a problem with.


Bluffworks Keysmart

I hate a mess of unorganized keys in my pocket. That’s why we teamed up with KeySmart to create a Bluffworks version. There is a small little place in the right front pocket of your Ascender chinos specifically designed to carry a Keysmart. Your loved one will handle this gift every single day.


Bose Sleepbuds

Picture this: I am in Imosuane, a dusty village in Morocco with excellent surf but - it’s noisy at night, due to the stray dogs that sleep all day, and bark all night. Glad I had my SleepBuds. I use these every night at home, plus on planes, and at my destination to fully recharge. An impactful gift for someone who struggles with sleep.


Candy Cane Travel Pillow

I had never used a neck pillow, until Candy Cane came along. It’s inflatable, folds up super small, and does a better job than a standard horseshoe pillow. Now, it rides in my bag with me. It is an unexpected and useful gift for a frequent or long haul traveler.


Vaer Watch

This watch is my favorite. Its classic looks and solar powered drive mean it can go a long time without worry or break down. Someone lucky enough to receive this from you will wear it for years.


Bluffworks Threshold Utility Scarf

This scarf has got pockets. That’s the secret we packed into this go-anywhere accessory made out of our popular Threshold fabric. Perfect for staying warm on a cold plane, while keeping necessities close at hand.


Tropicfeel Shoes
From $103 

I have high expectations for my footwear. I want good support, comfort, and durability packed into one shoe that is small enough for travel. The solution by Tropicfeel is a great addition to someone’s packing list.


Terrano Systems Bike Microphones

As my son grew, we got this helmet-to-helmet communication system for staying in touch while biking in NYC. A special gift that makes activities together more fun.


Standing Cosmetic Pouch

Being organized makes us feel better, and this pouch’s soft structure, plus super internal organization system helps keep your personal care items well organized on the road.



Rucking Backpack

For rucking - basically just walking with weight - this bag is the standard. Durable, well built. It’s a good challenge gift for someone to take on an activity that is harder than it seems.

Rucking Weights

Weight is what makes a ruck challenging. Here are three options: a ruck plate, a slam ball, or a pre-filled sandbag.

Bala Bangles

Sometimes, an old fad comes back and we know why it was once popular. These bands are an upgrade on the 80’s version and are a great option to add to light exercise like yoga or walking.

War Clubs

As we age, shoulders in particular need care. These war clubs are adjustable, allowing you to add or remove weight. 20 years from now, these will still be in your recipient's gym.

Travel Roller

This happens to be my favorite foam roller, period. The fact that it is portable makes it even better. When traveling, I bring it with me to stay loose. A super opener for someone who didn't know it existed.

Air Relax Recovery System

If you have a loved one who likes to go hard, but is no longer in their 20s, the compression pants made by AirRelax are incredible for increasing blood flow and speeding recovery.

Theragun Mini

This new mini percussive therapy gun means you can have the therapeutic benefits of massage while taking on strenuous activities far away.


Spikeball is a super fun game that can be played ultra casually (with kids, as college students who play with a beer in one hand), or very competitively. Is a great family gift that travels anywhere.

Personal Care

Humankind Natural Deodorant

I am really impressed with Humankind. Their natural products are all designed to come in refillable containers, so you can reduce plastic waste. A great gift and introduction to a brand who makes amazing things.

Supply Razor

Supply’s razor is substantial. When you pick it up, it means something in your hand. I notice that the blades last so much longer than the mass-market cartridges and whoever you give it to will love using it every day.

Stryx SPF / Moisturizer and Pipette Sunscreen

$42 - Stryx, $12 - Pipette

News flash - we need daily SPF and moisturizer. Solving the problem of what to use - for men and for women - is a helpful gift for someone who hasn’t taken the time to figure it out.



Lumio Light

An upgrade to the standard book light is by Lumio. Depending on how much you open the book, it will cast a small amount of light, or bring an entire new glow to someone lucky enough to receive it.


About once a week, I change our own sign to note the sentiment of the moment for my family, or to make them laugh. It’s a great shared experience if you know someone who lives with a rowdy crew.

Funny Crew Socks
From $12

Hang on to your hat, there are some spicy socks in this bunch. I’ve noticed that when a message fits, the wearer seems to own it, deep down. Just go for it.

Diaspora Co. Spice Rack

At the top of my list is refreshing our spice rack. I bet some of the things in your cabinet are old too, and I find spices by Diaspora to be potent and inspiring. My mom gave them to me, and I always think of her.

Stasher Reusable Bags

Where the first goal of these pouches is to reduce the number of single use plastic bags, I find they also open a whole new route to convenient storage in a different way. I’d be excited to receive them for home or travel.

I hope you find something on this list that helps your loved ones either dream big for 2022, or make packing their bag a little easier.

Happy holidays,

Stefan Loble


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