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10th Anniversary Giveaway Winners

Stefan Loble

Congratulations goes out to each of the winners drawn in our 10-year Anniversary Adventure Giveaway:



Airfare gift card, Stefan’s favorite Vaer watch and a Bluffworks gift card (total retail value $1,759)



Stefan’s favorite Tortuga Outbreaker Travel Backpack, and a Bluffworks gift card (total retail value $499)



A Bluffworks gift card (total retail value $100)


So, where is Stefan moving?

Were you one of the 26% to guess that Stefan is moving to Senegal? If so, congrats! Keep reading for more on Stefan's thoughts behind each of the possible picks.


Why Stefan is not moving to Vietnam.

I would love to revisit Vietnam, as it feels like there is so much left for us to explore there. But, a 12 hour time difference would make running Bluffworks extremely difficult. So, no Vietnam right now.


Why Stefan is not moving to France.

When Jules goes off to college, that’s when you can find me living a life of ease in the south of France. But for now, I want to challenge him with a culture beyond Europe; and expose him to learning another language other than French.


Why Stefan is not moving to Morocco.

This is a tough one. Both the outdoor and cultural opportunities in Morocco are extraordinary; and it was a close call. In the end, we decided to prioritize the water over mountains right now, so…


Why Stefan is moving to Senegal!

That’s the news: me and my family are moving to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Rachel and Jules both speak French, plus there is another language to learn: Wolof, the native language for much of the country. Senegal has an intriguing culture and its location will make it easy to explore more of Africa. Rachel finds the prospect of living in Dakar fascinating, based on her interest in post-colonial studies. And lastly, both Jules and I are excited to surf, as there are excellent breaks in town. Like, right in town.


A few more questions:


What about all of your stuff?

We sold it, mostly. We have a few things in storage.


Do you have a place to live?

Not yet. We will stay in AirBNBs to evaluate neighborhoods more closely before getting a place.


What will Rachel do?

Rachel will be teaching English and Social studies to 6th, 7th and 8th graders at the Lycee Francais (French school).


Where will Jules attend school?

Jules will also attend the Lycée. 


What are you bringing to Dakar?

Not a lot. No housewares and not a lot of clothes. (It turns out my wardrobe for two weeks is a lot like what I need for two years.)

But, we are bringing three boats. Which leads to the first Wolof word I learned -- “gal” means ”boat” in English.


Off we go…


Stefan Loble


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