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10th Anniversary Destination: France?

Stefan Loble

Distance from NYC: 3,627 miles.

Living in France would be a reset on how to approach life. Particularly in the South of France, people work to live, not the other way around. And, the sense of a focus on joy is palpable. 

One ideal location might be the city of Lyon. It has amazing food, culture and much of the draw of Paris, but on a smaller scale. And, I enjoy the warmth of people in the south of France. Lyon’s location would support a focus on mountain adventures in the Alps including Italy, Switzerland and beyond.

Once, when Jules was 5 we took a trip to a Colonie de Vacances that charmed us with just how much slower and more joyful our lives could be.

Collage of images from Stefan's travels in France showing the Eiffel tower, a public swimming spa, and French cheeses.


  • The Alps are a real draw and the mountains are where Rachel feels at home.
  • After 9 years of a bilingual French education, Jules is ready to put it into action.
  • After mountains of hard work through the pandemic (me to pilot Bluffworks and Rachel to run Jules’s bilingual middle school) we could use a re-balancing of our lives.


  • France would be the most familiar shift in perspective for Jules.
  • We wouldn’t experience another language other than French.
  • It’s a more expensive place to live.


Ready to Guess?



Stefan Loble


Why are we writing this?

This blog post is part of our 10th Anniversary Adventure Giveaway. You can guess what country Stefan and his family are moving to for a chance to win a grand prize of up to $1,760 in airfare credit, accessories, and apparel. Contest runs from August 11-18, 2022. Terms & conditions apply.

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