* Made in New York City *

Built for adventure. Well-behaved for the office.

Lightweight, wrinkle-free, ready to take on the world.

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* Made in New York City *

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Athletic Fit & Wrinkle-Free for Work, Play & Travel

100% breathable quick-dry pants. Ready for 5 days of wear without care in-between.

Machine Washable

How Bluff Works Was Inspired

After my son was born, I went through a major re-shuffling of my priorities. One of the things nagging at me was how much time and energy I was spending maintaining my work clothes. Never mind all the ironing, even just washing my pants after each wear felt excessive and completely out of whack with what I really cared about and wanted to be doing with my time.

When I considered all the water, energy, and detergent consumed with every wash, I felt even worse. And the times I didn't have anything to wear in the morning drove me crazy.

The Solution

My Bluffs are designed to look great in the office, but stand up to being rolled, folded, stuffed in a bag, and most importantly worn time and time again without ironing or washing in between. Because they are cool and light, they are comfortable when you're on a bike, or jammed into a hot subway train. They are dying to be the one pair of pants you take when you travel!

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