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100% technical, breathable polyester for quick-dry pants.

Machine washable dress pants. Line or tumble dry.

Wrinkle-free, no iron pants.

Lightweight men's pants: 5.13 oz. per yard

Anti-theft secret zipper pocket and security loop.

Moisture wicking, breathable pants for hot weather.

Designed in New York City.

Here they are: The formal-style, relaxed-fit pants you can take anywhere and that will take you everywhere. The ones that started it all.

The Bluffworks Relaxed Fit Originals were imagined and created out of my desire for lightweight men's pants that could keep up with my adventurous lifestyle but still look smart. I use them for anything from a long day of meetings and work at the office, to exploring a dusty road in the middle of nowhere because they are our most versatile pants.

Actors, restaurant workers, roadies, bands, theater techs, and other service professionals love our True Black Relaxed Fit Originals for work and play. They are deceptively durable, because they look like wool, but they wear like technical travel pants. The True Black color lets you blend in anywhere — any job, any restaurant, any event, any locale. And the Relaxed Fit is great for guys who like a little more room to be comfortable.

More than machine washable dress pants, they’re also high security pants that fly under the radar with loads of hidden pockets. And because they're made of a no-iron, quick-dry fabric, you can embark on a journey of a thousand miles and look great from first step to last.

Our toughest, most long-distance, go-anywhere, and do-everything relaxed-fit men’s travel pants. May they serve you well.

    Our Guy Says

    "THE PANT TO END ALL OTHER PANTS! Gentlemen, the search is over. Gone are the days of baggy, overpriced, imported hiking pants with fifty pockets and no belt loops. To the folks at Bluffworks: thank you for an incredible product."

    - David

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