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Mens Travel Blazer

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100% Polyester.

Machine washable. Line or tumble dry.

Moisture-wicking, quick-dry blazer.

Perforated back lining; unlined sleeves.

Soft, breathable, stretch fabric.

Wrinkle resistant, no iron required.

Lightweight fabric: 5.99 oz. per yard.

10 pockets, including 7 interior security pockets.

Detail diagram of the men's Gramercy Blazer.Detail diagram of the men's Gramercy Blazer.

Once upon a time, we dreamed of a breathable, wrinkle resistant, machine washable blazer… that still looked and felt like wool. After a tremendous amount of testing, we finally found the Gramercy fabric and made our travel suit fantasy a reality.

Because once we made our incredible, lightweight Gramercy Blazer, a pair of matching pants was in high demand. So you can shop these coordinating light grey separates to create the capsule wardrobe you need.

Our blazer has travel safe storage built in, with an innovative collection of 10 pockets. Your valuables are safe, thanks to security pockets with zippers and a few discreetly hidden pockets. Carry what you want, from an iPad mini to a stash of cash, discreetly. No one else will know what you’ve got in this travel jacket with hidden pockets.

And we’re not the only ones who think this is the best men’s travel blazer around, thanks to its combination of classic looks, smart design, and technical performance in one easy-to-wear jacket. So what can you do in our Gramercy Blazer? Almost anything. From long-haul flights to layering up on your bike, this blazer is built for adventure. But it’ll blend right in at work or a nice restaurant.


Our Guy Says

"Hands down the most comfortable jacket I own. Even when you completely fill all 8 pockets (hidden ones included) it feels light as a feather. If you're debating on getting it or not just do it. You won't regret it."

- Johnny

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