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Mens Travel Blazer

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100% technical, breathable quick-dry polyester.
Mechanical stretch.

Machine washable dress pants. Line or tumble dry.

Lightweight 5.99 oz. per yard fabric

10 pockets in total (including two zipper pockets) with a hidden pocket for added travel security.

Never fall off, MMS thread-wrapped buttons.

Designed in New York City. Made in New York City and China.

Polyester, perforated back lining. Unlined sleeves.

Our most difficult — and most rewarding — product yet, the Classic Fit Gramercy Blazer has taken travel by storm. I always hated wearing traditional sport coats and wondered, why can’t there be a breathable, wrinkle resistant, and machine washable blazer that still looks and feels like wool? We hear the result is the best lightweight jacket for travel, finally combining classic looks and performance into one easy-to-wear package.

What can you do in our Gotham Grey Gramercy Blazer? The classic dark grey color ensures that it will go with everything in your closet or suitcase. You can endure a long-haul flight and walk off the plane looking ready for that important meeting or night on the town. Shove it at the bottom of your bag for two weeks only to bring it out for the one event at the end of your trip and nail that first impression. It’s truly wrinkle free, and won’t let you down.

To carry your stuff, we built in an innovative collection of 10 pockets, with zippered security pockets and a few discreetly hidden pockets so you can carry everything from an iPad Mini to a stash of cash safely, no matter where you roam. Yes, you’ll be wearing a hidden pocket jacket designed for travel, but no one will know.

Last, the jacket had to breathe. I hate being hot. I bet you do, too. So, our emphasis on making the jacket highly breathable makes it the best men's travel blazer out there.

If you’re tired of sport coats that need to be hung and packed separately, then you’re ready for the Gramercy Blazer. It’s the last blazer you’ll ever need to own, and because it’s always ready — and with no expensive dry cleaning required — it won’t own you.

Our Guy Says

"Hands down the most comfortable jacket I own. Even when you completely fill all 8 pockets (hidden ones included) it feels light as a feather. If you're debating on getting it or not just do it. You won't regret it."

- Johnny

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