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Green Chinos

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100% polyester.

Wrinkle-resistant pants, no iron needed.

Machine-washable. Line or tumble dry.

Lightweight 5.31 oz per yard fabric.

10 total pockets, including 2 phone pockets.

3 anti-theft secret zipper pockets and a security loop.

EDC-friendly multi-tool utility pocket.

Hidden travel money pouch pocket.

Comfort is key, so these performance chinos are made with a fabric that is soft and stretches. And even though the waist is designed with a classic chino look, it actually has a special stretch waistband for a more comfortable fit.

The fabric has a nice matte texture and takes color beautifully, and these elegant green chinos pair equally well with a t-shirt or a dress shirt and blazer.

And these stretch chinos have the technical features you need for them to be ready for the road – they’re lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial.

But the details take them to the next level. Thinking about the everyday carry (EDC) community, we designed these to be friendly as EDC pants, with specific pockets that facilitate organizing your kit the way you want to.

Two phone pockets allow you to pick where you want to carry your device – either in our signature hidden waistband pocket on the back right, or inside the front right pocket, in a patch specially designed to hold the phone more comfortably at the top of your thigh. And a small utility pocket is designed for your keys, pocket knife, or other small multi-tool to sit securely in the same place every time.

We added reverse direction front zippers to use gravity against pickpockets, making those pockets more difficult to access. And then we custom designed a highly secure hidden travel money pouch.

You no longer need a separate money belt to keep your money and passport safe. Before you get dressed, hide your valuables in this special interior pocket. But if you need some cash while you’re out, you can still access it through the front left pocket.

While traveling in Morocco, I really put these pants to the test. And I felt safe and at ease the whole time.

The Ascender Chino raises the bar for how comfortable travel chinos can be while looking amazing, and they make it easy to carry what you need.

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