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Meet Pairsmith: Our Sister Brand


I am excited to announce that next week, Pairsmith will be hosting its second pairing - this time a partnership between Samuel Hubbard and Bluffworks. But first, I'd like to share more about what Pairsmith is all about, and how we got here. 

A pairing available from Pairsmith, which combines beloved products by brands into a limited time flash sale.

To stay in touch with upcoming Pairsmith sales - and enter to win the pairing of your choice from the Bluffworks + Samuel Hubbard - signup to stay informed. Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 11th.

About The Idea

It should be no surprise that 2020 was a challenging year for many brands, Bluffworks included. The drop in travel and cancellation of events to dress for hit us particularly hard. When we realized that many brands are in the same boat, we did some noodling. And, the response was to launch a new sister brand called Pairsmith.

What Does Pairsmith Do?

Pairsmith enables brands to host partnership sales that are attractive to each other's customer communities, at discounts of 40-60% off.  

“I can’t believe I never heard of this brand” is a sentiment we often hear. Pairsmith solves the technical and logistical challenges of hosting a joint sale. 

  • The benefit to the customer is being able to try a new brand at a discounted price greater than the brand would be willing to advertise alone.
  • The benefit to a brand is they can find new customers they are confident will love their products.

How Does It Work?

Pairsmith hosts a selection of pairings on its site for a limited time - for example, a sneaker and a pair of jeans.

Customers can unlock special pricing - 40% to 60% off only when they buy both products at the same time.

Pairsmith processes the sale and sends order information to the brands to fulfill, who after the sale will support the customer through needed exchanges.

Will All Pairsmith Sales Include Bluffworks?

No. Bluffworks may periodically participate in a pairing - just like a normal brand - but will not be in them all. Where the purpose of Pairsmith is to expand access to new brands, we hope this will go far beyond Bluffworks.

    About The Next Sale

    Next week, Pairsmith is releasing a pairing between Bluffworks and Samuel Hubbard. 

    Why this pairing? When we began speaking with Samuel Hubbard, one of our team members remarked at how close their values align with those of Bluffworks. Their mission is to make footwear that looks great and performs - without sacrificing comfort - and alongside a high standard for durability. 

    It fits us perfectly.

    Products In Next Week's Pair

    We have selected the following, to go best with a Bluffworks wardrobe:

    • The Hubbard Flight sneaker is insanely comfortable, while coming in at just 12oz. I like the cushioning, and find the unique sock liner lets me wear it without socks - and not have it rub against my ankles. My understanding is this shoe was not even discounted on Black Friday. The only way to gain special pricing is in a pair.
    • I adore boots and the Uptown Maverick boot applies the softness of pebble leather up top, and the strength of a shank and Vibram sole down below. The result is the exact balance between comfort and support that I want in a dress boot, that happens to look great with our blazer.

    These products will be paired with Bluffworks' denim, and one of our blazers. All of the color selections are designed to look great together, and the entire pairing launches Thursday February 11th.

    Stay Informed

    The best way to stay in touch with future Pairsmith launches is to join our email list, and at the same time enter to win your choice of a Bluffworks + Samuel Hubbard pairing from the upcoming sale. Winner will be announced on Thursday, February 11th.


    Behind The Scenes

    Here's a little bit about how I've been feeling, as we launch Pairsmith:

    This past year, I felt intense pressure on how to respond to the climate affecting Bluffworks. And we decided - at a moment where I and the team are exhausted - that the path is to do more... To double down, and come up with something new.

    It's not a year of luxury, I guess. It's one of necessity, which as the old saying goes is so often the mother of invention.

    I hope you love Pairsmith.


    Bluff on,

    Stefan Loble


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      Notify me when this size is back in stock.